Robert's last day in Lima, he's a good listener!

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new friends, Robert and Yadi
First time I met Robert was last week. I was hopping we could meet up again before he flew back home but I was busy, even during the weekend, so we couldn't meet. Fortunately, he wouldn't leave Lima until Tuesday and we both had time on Monday, yay! 

After doing some last minute errands, we finally met in Miraflores. I let him know I would be arriving a bit late, but he didn't have a problem with that, sweet! When I arrived to our meeting point, I couldn't see him. I gave him a call and the background sound was familiar... he was inside the Church and there was a service going on! I hope he had his mobile in silence mode, hahaha. Yay! This was the 2nd time we were meeting up, but it felt as if we were friends for a loooong time. Well, I hope this friendship will last very very long.

It was so good to see him. I was busy the whole day and didn't make any plans about where to go, plus it was Monday which is a "slow" day for bars, restaurants; nevermind we would be able to find something and we succeeded. We weren't in a hurry, so just walking around looking for a nice place sounded good. Plus I had so much fun talking to him, that it worked even better. First stop was a small cafe. Why did we decide to try it? Well, that was Robert decision due to the reggae they were playing, haha. It was a cool place. I have to go back and write a review about this vintage looking place.

Our long chatting session started, hahaha. We were talking about so many things. You know sometime it is easier to talk to someone who you don't know for a long time, plus the fact he's such a good listener. This made things even funner! We moved to another place to get a drink and... keep on chatting :) This was Robert's last day in Peru, so a Pisco was a must and he chose the Machu Picchu cocktail! I lost track of time. I didn't have any idea, we have been talking for such a long time! Tomorrow he had to catch a flight in the morning (not too early at least), but I had to work. So going back home sounded like a smart thing to do.

Well, this was Robert's last day in Lima, but now I know he comes to Peru quite frequently. We agreed to meet up next time he's town, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't be in touch until then.
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new friends, Robert and Yadi
new friends, Robert and Yadi
photo by: rsvpme