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Yvonne, Yadi, Liana & Jasper :)
It was Friday and which one would be a better way to start the weekend than hanging out with TB's? Jasper, Liana and Yvonne would be in town for a few days, so meeting up in the evening sounded perfect. During the morning I got a message from Keri, saying there was another TB in Lima. They met up the night before, but she wouldn't be able to do it this night. So she asked me if I could hang out with him. Of course! So I contacted Pedro and he agreed to join us later in the evening. Great! The more, the merrier!!!!

Jasper, Liana and Yvonne had a busy day and having a drink sounded more than appealing, cool! Where to go? Well, we were in Lima, so let's go to Huaringas aka Pisco Place.
the gang was complete ;)
We were lucky to find a perfect parking spot. The waiter was very friendly, even when he had bad news: no table available :( No problem, we could wait at the bar. The girls liked this place. The bar wasn't uncomfortable at all furthermore the bartenders were fun, although when the waiter came saying there was a free table there weren't doubts to move there, hahaha. Now we could talk much better. They were telling me their impressions about the female prison. This place wasn't as terrible as expected. No way you could compare it with the male prison, Jasper visited last year and was the reason why he grounded his foundation. We were having a nice chat when I got Pedro's phone call. He was ready with his business meeting and was in his way to join us, great!

Mmm, Pedro should have already arrived.
fun times! Yvonne, Yadi & Pedro
.. I went outside to take a look just in case. I met a friend I haven't seen in ages and while we were chatting I saw a big man with beard. Mmm, he looked like Pedro's profile picture, but I wasn't 100% sure. Then I noticed he was holding his cellphone and was also looking at me. That must be him! We approached to each other and he asked: Yadi? Yep! That's me! We became friends instantly, sweet! After saying goodbye to my friend, Pedro and I went inside the club. Jasper, Liana & Yvonne were at our table and weren't surprised I was showing up with this big guy. I have already let them know a new friend would join us. The only thing they didn't expected was that Pedro was tall, hahaha. The gang was complete, yay!

Pedro ordered for a Pisco sour and after a brief introduction, we all started to chat.
Yadi & Pedro having Piscos and shrimps, yummy!
It was great having another Southamerican at the table, hahaha. It didn't even take 5 minutes until we all were getting along as we have known each other for a long time. I was having fun and enjoyed the fact everyone was having a great time too. For Jasper it wasn't such a big surprise meeting a TB, but I was a bit concerned about what his mom and Yvonne would think about that, but it turned to be that they loved the experience too.

After one hour approx we decided to live. We could try another place. I drove to the Business Area, but that lounge was crowded... Maybe that was a sign. Liana, Yvonne and Jasper were exhausted. They had a long and tiring day. So we drove back to their appartment and said goodbye. It was great to spend some time with these sweet guys. What to do now? Oh well, Pedro has been in town for almost a week, but didn't see much of the city besides the industrial area and Miraflores. So going to bohemian Barranco was a very good idea.

Once there we went to a cool cafe / bar to have a drink and grab a bite. This place has a great decoration and we were lucky to find a table, the last one! Now we wouldn't talk in English, but in Portunol (a mix of Portugues + Espanol), hahaha. Well, it wasn't that much Portunol. Pedro speaks a very good Spanish. We were talkng about former travels, what we like about the Latin Culture, future travels and of course about the delicious Peruvian food. What would I do without my food???

It was so funny I saw a guy and seemed to recognize him, so did he. Suddenly I realized he used to work for my customer in a former job. He approached to me, but I couldn't remember his name, grrr. Then another guy who also works we him approached and the 4 of us ended up having a nice chat, hahaha. Lima might have 8 Million inhabitants, but you can always meet somebody you know, at least that happens to me. Mmm, maybe it's me :P

I didn't realize we spent there more than 2 hours, hahaha. We were having so much fun, but it was time to go. Pedro has to fly next morning to Bolivia and I had to start organizing my stuff for the upcoming adventure. Definitely it was a great start of the weekend :)
yadilitta says:
Thanks for your kind words, Pedro. Muito Obrigada :) Have a wonderful week you too and we'll definitely keep in touch!
Posted on: May 03, 2010
pedroelias says:
Ahhh, great!!! I woke up 1am to make Argentina market research when finish it at 3am and I decided to have a look TB. I was very surprised when I found Yadi report related about our meeting two days before in Lima at Miraflores place... I am fascinated with her because she's an organized, smart person and thrilling me.... Now I have sleep again...I should starting to work from 09 AM.
Yadi, you are very fascinating PERSON!!!
Have a wonderful week, keep in touch Pedro :)
Posted on: May 03, 2010
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Yvonne, Yadi, Liana & Jasper :)
Yvonne, Yadi, Liana & Jasper :)
the gang was complete ;)
the gang was complete ;)
fun times! Yvonne, Yadi & Pedro
fun times! Yvonne, Yadi & Pedro
Yadi & Pedro having Piscos and shr…
Yadi & Pedro having Piscos and sh…
photo by: rsvpme