Meeting Ray before attending mom's bday dinner, that's so me :P

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Yadi and Ray, cheers!
Ray joined this site not so far ago, I think just 2 weeks before he came to Lima. He was coming to Peru because of business, but it wouldn't stop him to look for a local friend in Lima and visit Cusco. Before he left Paris we got in touch. I was helping him with his crazy itinerary, lots of flights... Past days were busy for me. Today mom had bday and the 4 of us agreed to have dinner together. It was about noon when I got a phone call from a French number... Who's calling me from France and talks in perfect Spanish? Well, it was Ray! I have totally forgotten he would be in town during these days, OMG! He has been crazy busy with work since the minute he arrived to Lima, but finally it was getting over and he'd have time during the evening. I'd love to join him for dinner, but I already had plans with the family. He was sad and told me we'd leave this for another opportunity. He might come back to Peru, well eventually... Then I realized I was leaving Lima soon, so meeting up that evening became a must, hahaha.

After arranging our schedules, we found some time, pfff. In order to save time, I'd meet him at his hotel. The hotel is a very nice one, but it's located in the middle of the business area and we'd meet at 5 pm, rush hour!!! I had to call Ray to let him know I'd be late. I was expecting 10-15min, but I was 45min late!!! Well, we finally met up, mission accomplished! Since we didn't have much time, I had to meet my family before 8pm, we went to the hotel bar, which is very nice.

People who know me say I talk a lot and yes I do, but Ray does it too! Yay!!! We talked about lots of things. Not only I talk a lot, but also fast and Ray does the same, hahaha. We were jumping from topic to topic. I told him as much as possible about my further travel plans, what to do in Cusco, how I joined the website, how much I like it, etc, etc, etc. Ray was doing the same too. I guess we both like to talk a lot and get along so easy because we both are Latins. Yay for Latinamerica!!!! Another coincidence, we both really like the toasted corn, hehehe. Ray travels a lot because of business, so TB is perfect for him. I was the 1st TB he met, but I'm sure he'd meet many more. He's so outgoing and friendly that can make friends very easy. Although it was a brief Meet Up, I had a great time and wished I'd have had more time, but oh well... Quality over Quantity ;)

Ray was going to Cusco and then to his hometown Barranquilla, where he'd meet his family after 1 year. His mom has no clue, her son would be there for Mother's Day, how awesome! I can't wait to listen how it went.
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Yadi and Ray, cheers!
Yadi and Ray, cheers!
photo by: rsvpme