Mark's last stop in Lima was at Tayta!

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blurry pic... photographer wasn't that good, but was kind :)
Today would be Mark's last day in Lima. I didn't know if he'd like to party or just having dinner... anyway, we agreed to meet early, around 7pm, to grab something to eat and then we'll see.

Earlier I talked to a friend and she wanted to meet up, so I suggested her to join us. She liked the idea and we agreed, I'd give her a call once we knew where we were going. Mark didn't have a good experience with the Pisco Sour. He didn't like our typical cocktail at all, hahaha. So, having a pisco drink that he'd enjoy was a Must. It was still early to eat, so we went to the Pisco Bar. The problem was that he doesn't like the eggwhite in a drink, so he got one with coffee liquor and was very good.
at Tayta!
He changed his mind about the pisco, the problem was the cocktail ;)

My friend sent me a message and unfortunately she wouldn't be able to join us... oh well, the drinks were tasty but we needed something to soak in alcohol, hahaha. Mark tried a lot of Peruvian food, so having something different sounds good to both of us. We were for ethnic food and got for Middle Eastern one. I have gone to this restaurant before and was sure the food would be excellent and I wasn't wrong :) We weren't sure what to order, everything sounded so tasty, so we ended up having a platter with different dishes. Food was delicious!!!!

After a delicious meal I asked Mark what he'd like to do and he said, he'd like to go for a drink and listen some live music, mmm. Well, let's go to Tayta! I told him, we'd go to "my" bar, hahaha, and I wasn't kidding since all the waiters and manager recognized me. The place was crowded, but we were lucky to find a table - at the last minute, ufff. Mark got vodka with coke and I got a beer. The band started to play and we kept on chatting. Mark was flying back home the next morning, would have a long layover in Paris, arriving home on Sunday and going back to work on Monday, pfffff.

We just had 1 drink and were ready to go. He had to wake up early next morning. It was really great meeting Mark and hope we'd be able to meet sooner than later. I've never thought about it, but after listening about Malta and having a friend there, I'd like to know this small big country!
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blurry pic... photographer wasnt …
blurry pic... photographer wasn't…
at Tayta!
at Tayta!
photo by: rsvpme