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my garbanzos (pea chick) and maracuya aji - just arrived from Ecuador
Mark was coming to South America (Ecuador & Peru) and contacted Shawn asking for info about South America since he recently moved to this part of the world and Shawn didn't have a better idea than to refer me to him, hahaha. Well done! I guess I was more able to help Mark with the Peruvian part of his trip and giving him some tips about traveling in Ecuador since I was backpacking there just a few weeks ago. Before coming to Peru, Mark was in Ecuador and met Shawn, who sent me my beloved maracuya aji (Passion fruit with chili), yummy!!! Mark arrived on Saturday night, but I was going to the theater, so we agreed to meet on Sunday for lunch.

As agreed I went to his hostel at 1:30pm and it was perfect time. He just arrived from downtown. It was nice finally meeting him. Well, we both were hungry (what a surprise!) and he was curious about the Peruvian Carpaccio aka Cebiche.
this is the restaurant: El Villano (the evil one)
So bad I wasn't driving to take him to one of my favorite restaurants - near my house - but it turned to be something good since we went to a new restaurant for me. I always wanted to try it, but the area is not that nice. At least I wouldn't feel confiden driving, so this was the perfect opportunity, yay!

We took a bus to Barranco and walked for a bit until we finally found the restaurant, hehehe. So good I did some research at home ;) It was a bit late (3pm), so the place wasn't crowded and we could find a table without any problem. We were looking at the menu when the owner came and gave us some recommendations. He's super friendly!

We started with cebiche of course and some beer. But cebiche wasn't enough for hungry Mark, hahaha, so we ordered another dish: Tacu Tacu.
Mark's first lunch in Peru :)
It was plenty of food. Food was very good and I loved how friendly and helpful the owner was. The whole time we were chatting without stopping. Mark was telling me about his adventures in Ecuador and it was so nice to listen about new places but also about his experiences in the same places I visited recently, nice!

Ok, now we were ready to leave. We were near the main square in Barranco, so we'd walk there. I don't know if it was close or not but the walk didn't seem to be long since we had such a nice conversation. I didn't know Malta and Peru have so many cultural similarities, well both are Catholic countries. So, I learned something new, thanks Mark!

So bad it wasn't sunny, but at least it wasn't that cold and we could even cross the highway and go to the beach. After walking around Barranco for a while, we decided to go back to Miraflores.
foggy Miraflores...
I was thinking about walking along the Malecon for the sunset, although there was no sun shining, hahaha.

Having no car turned to be a good thing, since I didn't have to worry about parking spot, hehehe. We were walking until it got dark and a bit cooler. We were still full from lunch, but there's always room for sweets. I didn't know Mark was a sweets lover - but not fruity ones - so it surprised me when he asked me if I'd like to have coffee and dessert, great!

We went to one of the emblematic cafes in Miraflores and were lucky to find a table. The place was packed! What did we get? A coconut cake for me and a chocolate & lucuma one for him. Lucuma is a Peruvian fruit so "trying Peruvian dessert" done! This time we weren't talking about past travels, but about future ones. Mark would start his travel around Peru - mostly south - and I had some ideas.
having something sweet, yummy!

Cake was delicious but it was time to leave. Mark was going to an internet cafe and I'd go back home. When I arrived home, I logged in on MSN and found him online, hahaha, so we finished with his plans about Cusco and surroundings. Oh! we just noticed we had a new way to communicate. His cellphone was working here, yay!

I had a great time with Mark and this was the first day. Before flying back home, he'd stop in Lima and stay here for 2 days, sweet! So we'll meet again, yay! I will talk about my trip to Colombia and he'll talk about his adventures in Cusco and Puno.

yadilitta says:
Thanks, Harriet!!!!
Posted on: Mar 08, 2010
Africancrab says:
Beautiful as always.
Posted on: Mar 08, 2010
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my garbanzos (pea chick) and marac…
my garbanzos (pea chick) and mara…
this is the restaurant: El Villano…
this is the restaurant: El Villan…
Marks first lunch in Peru :)
Mark's first lunch in Peru :)
foggy Miraflores...
foggy Miraflores...
having something sweet, yummy!
having something sweet, yummy!
fish tacu tacu - tacu tacu is a mi…
fish tacu tacu - tacu tacu is a m…
coconut cake and chocolate & lucum…
coconut cake and chocolate & lucu…
at the Love Park
at the Love Park
whats that? is it for me?
what's that? is it for me?
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