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Gunther didn't want to pose...
As agreed we met for lunch. There was a dish Robert wanted to try, but didn't have the chance to do it while he was traveling. There was a problem when he was ordering for this at the restaurants, hehehe. No problem, now he had a Peruvian guide who could help him with this issue. What did he want to try so bad? The "pollo a la brasa" or roasted chicken. But this is not another roasted chicken. We cook it with some spices and tastes different and so yummy. So, we went to my favorite place for this food and it was delicious. But this wasn't the only thing new for Robert, he also tried the anticuchos - grilled cow's heart - and he liked it too! Awesome! So task #1 of the day was a success!

After the tasty lunch, we'd go to another part of the city. So far, the only area Robert knew in Lima was Miraflores, but we'd change it ASAP.
now, Gunther is behaving himself. I'm a proud mom!
But before going anywhere I needed to go home. And this would be the perfect opportunity for Robert to meet Gunther besides to visit the HQ, hehehe. When we went into the HQ Robert was amazed with all the pictures on the walls, hahaha. I asked him to find the photo we took in Fort Lauderdale. Sure, he was part of this photos' collection. Ok, it was time to let Gunther in, so Robert could meet him. Yay, they became friends easy. Although it was hard for Robert to give Gunther commands or to make him follow his instructions, hahaha. Nevermind, finally we found the way to make him obbey (did anybody say treat?). After chilling out there for a while it was time to keep on moving.

Destination: charming Barranco. Barranco is so different from Miraflores and it was great to walk around there. We were just chatting when Shawn's attention was got by something.
Sweet time! tres leches, apple cake and flan.
"What are you looking at, Shawn?" What a surprise! What got his attentions was food! To be more specific, there was a small cafe with tempting desserts. Oh well, we had lunch but didn't have dessert, so let's go for it.  Robert got flan, apple cake for Shawn and a tres leches for me. Mmm, the desserts were very good. I think I like mine the most :P It was very nice to have a cup of coffee and just relax there after having been walking for quite a while. But the relax time didn't last too long, if we wanted to arrive to the Fountains park before it got dark we had to start moving...
yadilitta says:
yes, he's looking handsome :)
Posted on: Dec 14, 2009
huibdos says:
I see Gunther has had a haircut.
Nice dog!
Posted on: Dec 14, 2009
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Gunther didnt want to pose...
Gunther didn't want to pose...
now, Gunther is behaving himself. …
now, Gunther is behaving himself.…
Sweet time! tres leches, apple cak…
Sweet time! tres leches, apple ca…
Robert and Gunther
Robert and Gunther
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