Kevin signed on TB and not even 24hrs later he met his first TB (me) in real life :)

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blurry Kevin and Yadi. The photographer wasn't that good, hahaha
I was working at home, when I got a message on TB. I have been in touch with a couple of TB's who were coming to Lima in the next few days, but no with Kevin. When I started to read his email I assumed he would visit Lima soon, but it turned to be he was already here. He was supposed to be here with a friend, but unfortunately he had to leave. It was Sunday when I got his message. I replied it and gave him some tips about what to do during the morning.

It was so convenient that Kevin had a cellphone with a local number. It made things so much easier. Once I was ready with my work day I gave him a call. He was back at the hotel and what was he doing? Watching TV!!! OMG!!! In Lima? This guy definitely needed my assistance. To the rescue!!! I told him I could meet him at 7:30pm and we agreed to meet up at the entrance of his hotel.

It was 7:30pm - so punctual - and he was already waiting for me, sitting there. He was surprised when a car with a girl smiling and waving stopped right in front of him, haha. Hope I didn't scare him. It was really nice to meet him and we immediately started to chat. Well, where to go? Mmm, let's stay in Miraflores, so we went to Larcomar. The restaurant I was thinking about was full and we would have had to wait for 40min! Too much! Better go somewhere else. Well, Kevin told me he likes to eat and is not afraid of anything, cool! So, we went to have some chicken, but for appetizer anticuchos! (cow's heart). He loved them. They were very tasty and so was his chicken and my salad. He even tried the pisco sour (national drink) although he wasn't so sure about it. Dinner was delicious, but what I enjoyed the most was the fact that we spent a great time here. It's so much fun to talk to Kevin. We were talking about his trip in Peru, daily life and even business. He was really pleased with Lima and might come back soon, yay!

Did anybody say dessert? It wasn't me, but I wouldn't reject that offer, hahaha. Now the only thing to think about was to decide where to have dessert. I thought it'd be better to move. Let's go to one of my favorite bakeries, so Kevin would be able to see something new too. I was lucky to find a free parking spot and had to made a not so safe maneuver, but succeeded, hehe. I was showing Kevin how crazy is the traffic here. Place was packed and we were lucky to find a table. Once there we ordered some frozen juices and for dessert he got the "alfajor", a traditional one with cream caramel. He loved it, hehe.

Kevin had a meeting later and I drove him back to his hotel. I was glad I was able to meet Kevin, spend some time with him and make him try delicious Peruvian food. Tomorrow I'll have a busy day and won't be able to meet him before he leaves. It was great things worked this evening. Hope he'd come back soon and I know I have a new friend in L.A.
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blurry Kevin and Yadi. The photogr…
blurry Kevin and Yadi. The photog…
photo by: rsvpme