Having lunch with Brandon at the reviewed place ;)

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having lunch at Punto Azul, yummy!
A couple of days ago, I got a message from Brandon. He was doing a research about food in Lima on Internet, when he tipped the name of a restaurant and the first thing that came out was the review I wrote on TB! Hahaha. That's how he knew this site and then he contacted me, since I looked trusty :)

After arriving in Peru, he practically flew straight to Cusco, so we'd meet in his way back home. Since we met because of "Punto Azul" (that restaurant), we'd meet to have lunch there, hehe. That was a must. We met in Miraflores, near his hotel and drove to the restaurant. This place is always crowded, but we were so lucky not having to wait too long for a table, just 15min, which was ideal since it gave us time to start knowing each other.

Yes, this wouldn't be Brandon's first Pisco in Lima, but to make things new, he'd try my favorite Pisco Sour: Maracuya or Passion Fruit. He loved it! He was happy we were at the famous place, hahaha. We shared a delicious lunch: causas and cebiche. It was very good and portions were very large. While enjoying our meal, we had more than enough time to start chatting. Brandon was already familiar to Peruvian food and loves it! He was also telling me about his trip to Cusco and how he liked it. We were also talking about my future plans and our cities in general.

We stayed there for almost 2 hours. I had fun, but had to go back to work. Anyway, he wanted to keep on knowing Lima and I gave him some ideas for the next morning. In the evening we'd meet in the bohemian Barranco, yay!

So bad, my camera's batteries were dead... what a rookie mistake! Well, this wasn't my camera... So good, Brandon has his camera and took a pic. Now I just have to wait until he forward it to me and then I'll add it here :)
yadilitta says:
I'm glad you liked it! Yes, having lunch in Punto Azul was a MUST. Thanks for your kind words, Brandon.
Posted on: May 24, 2010
bpatts says:
The pisco sour with maracuya was definitely the way to go! It was a pleasure meeting you at Punto Azul and fitting, because your review on Punto Azul is where I learned about this website and saw your fantastic restaurant and travel reviews :)

If I would have another day, I would have returned to Punto Azul for lunch once again!
Posted on: May 24, 2010
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having lunch at Punto Azul, yummy!
having lunch at Punto Azul, yummy!
photo by: rsvpme