Ending the weekend meeting up with Arturo and Jackson :)

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happy times with new friends, enjoying Inca Kola of course, haha
Arturo and I got in touch last year, when he was originally coming to the country. At the end he couldn't make it and had to postpone his trip, which turned to be something positive, since this time he came with his friend Jackson. We got in touch again and I reassume my Ambassador's duties, hahaha. Everything was ready for them to start their journey, just counting down the days. Originally, I'd meet up with them on Sunday for lunch, but I had plans with the family. Nevertheless, I found time to meet up with them in the evening, yay!

It was very nice to finally put a face to the guy who has been writing me for quite a long time. Definitely, it feels different talk "face to face". Have to say it, it was much funner! Where to go? They wanted to try something Peruvian, but Sunday night is not the best time to go out eating.
The picture for the blog! Yadi & Arturo
Furthermore, cebiche is not served at night... well in the most traditional places at least. Therefore, we'd save that for Monday. For this evening I remembered a place in the way to Barranco. We drove there, found a great parking spot and no problems for an available table.

Mmm, I would be in charge of ordering something interesting. As I wanted to combine as much as possible, I ordered 3 dishes to share, which contains at least 1 of our traditional dishes, sweet! These guys were so much fun and they really love to travel. I feel not as a crazy person saying I like airports, hahaha. Wow! That was impressive, they went all the way down to Oz for 5 days!!! Isn't that crazy! hahaha. When the food came, Arturo took out his camera for the picture. Sweet! He's one on mine!!! We were talking about former travel experiences and what they were expecting from Peru. They would stay 1 week in the country, but didn't want to be in a hurry the whole time. So, they decided to visit 2 places, but enjoying them as much as possible. Good choice!

It has been a long weekend and I needed to go back home early, so I'd be able to wake up early, get ready with work and gym and be able to meet up with the guys for the Cebiche Adventure!!! The guys would walk around Miraflores, but this girl would go back home. See you tomorrow guys!
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happy times with new friends, enjo…
happy times with new friends, enj…
The picture for the blog! Yadi & A…
The picture for the blog! Yadi & …
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