Eating Indian food the Indian way with a new friend, nice to meet you Vyne :)

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the spices to dip: yogurt, tamarind and spicy
A few months ago I got a nice comment on my review from an Indian restaurant in Lima. All the comments are important, but this was from an Indian guy, saying he'd like to try this place when he were in town. First I thought it was a joke, but then I read he was coming to Lima, how nice! So, we started to get in touch. He spent some days in Brazil and Cusco, before arriving to Lima.

I knew he was arriving on Saturday, but it was really good he got a Peruvian number so he could let me now his flight was delayed. After several hours he was finally in town and we agreed to meet for dinner. As arranged, at 8:30pm Kitty (my car) and me were at the hotel, hahaha. It was so nice to meet him in person, finally.
Vyne and Yadi, ready for her real Indian experience, yay!
We have been in touch and he even sent me some great pictures from Brazil - I'm jealous! just kidding.

I asked him what he'd like to eat. I was aware he was vegetarian and there are nice cafes which salads, which I like a lot :P But his answer was: Indian food! He hasn't had it in 5 weeks and was craving for it. Ok, let's go to the place I reviewed and was how me met. Driving there didn't take that long and gave us the perfect opportunity to start knowing each other and talk. It was so easy to break the ice. We didn't need to do it. It was as we were already friends who didn't meet in a long time. This place is small and there's no many parking spots, but we found one right in front of it, yay! Before going into the restaurant, it was time for a hug!

Ok, it would be cool to test how really Indian this place was, hahaha.
yummy Vegetarian Samosa
I asked Vyne to order the food, since he was the expert. I also told him I'm not 100% vegetarian, but sort of. And I decided to be vegetarian that night, hehehe. It was a good idea letting him ordering the food. To drink we asked for Inca Kola (something Peruvian on the table, hahaha) and when the waiter came, Vyne asked him if there was anyone who speaks Indian. A couple of minutes later the chef / owner came. Actually he's from Pakistan and when Vyne saw him, they started to talk in Indian. No need to say I didn't have a clue what they were talking about. I was just smiling and nodding, hahaha. Usually I understand what people are talking about but not this time. The chef was telling Vyne how he ended up coming to Peru and Vyne asked him for some recommendations. After a while and letting him know I was Peruvian, the chef left in order to make our order ready, yummy!

The waiter came with our appetizers: Samosas and Pakora.
Paneer Pakora (house cheese marinated with chickpeas flour and spices)
I was about grabbing my fork and Vyne told me that in India you eat using your hands, sweet! I'd do it like he says. He was my master, hehehe. Food was delicious and I'd have eaten it more quickly but was hard to do it since we were chatting a lot. He was incredibly lucky during his trip and met really nice people, hope I'd become part of that list too. Ok, we had to hurry up and finish the food, before it'd get cold. Cold is not that tasty. Well. so far the food was passing the test. It was really Indian and tasted good!

Now it was time for the main dish. For this part I need Vyne's help. I didn't pay attention to the name of the dish... so sorry. The waiter brought rice, but we wouldn't it yet. We'd eat the food with some bread. It was so good having this Indian experience with Vyne, who could teach me properly and that way I could enjoy it the most.
Main dish, was very good and the best was eating it just using the bread as fork :)
I don't remember the name of the dish, but it had eggplant and potatoes, plus the spices. Then the waiter brought a salad with yogurt. It was very fresh. For me it was perfect, but the expert told me it should have had more yogurt, mmm.

The evening was lovely, it was a delicious dinner but most important I was able to meet Vyne and make a new friend. He'd stay in Lima for a few days, before keep on traveling, and I hope we'd be able to meet again. I would be busy this week, but I'd do my best to find some time for my new friend.
yadilitta says:
oh, you shouldn't, Huib. Hope we can cross paths sooner than later.
Posted on: Jan 21, 2010
huibdos says:
Seeing forreign culture at home:)
Oh, how I envy you and your guests ^>^
Posted on: Jan 21, 2010
yadilitta says:
Yes, I'm so happy that we were able to meet. Next time I'm going there, I'll call the chef. I'm sure he'd remind me. And I think I'll be a vegetarian - at least here :P
Posted on: Jan 11, 2010
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the spices to dip: yogurt, tamarin…
the spices to dip: yogurt, tamari…
Vyne and Yadi, ready for her real …
Vyne and Yadi, ready for her real…
yummy Vegetarian Samosa
yummy Vegetarian Samosa
Paneer Pakora (house cheese marina…
Paneer Pakora (house cheese marin…
Main dish, was very good and the b…
Main dish, was very good and the …
my dish
my dish
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