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Fuente Surtida 1: fig leaf, falafel, fig leaf, yellow pepper, zucchini, kubbe, cabbage and hummus in the middle
I just had 1 day before NYE and accomplish my goal of being tan for NYE, so that was in our agenda, hahaha. It was a lazy day and I even had time to go get my nails done, hahaha. But for dinner I wanted to try something new. A couple of days ago, while I was driving with Shawn we bought the Guide Book for Foodies - Peruvian Version, hahaha. And now I was in the mood for trying something for this guide.

We chose Middle Eastern food. I knew 2 other places for this food in Miraflores, but the recommended one - also in Miraflores - was new for me. I had the guide in my purse and we started to walk in that direction. I couldn't believe I have been so close several times, but never paid attention.
the best falafel
Maybe because they are located next to one of my favorite cafes :P

The minute we came in, I got the feeling this would be a nice experience. We ordered a platter with different dishes and while we were waiting for our food, I saw the people coming in. Most of them were buying food to go and all of them seemed to be regular customers. The owner seemed to know each of them and what dishes they like, hahaha.

It was a good idea to get the platter. All the dishes were good, but there are always winners and less favorites. Maybe because I'm not that much into fried food, my less favorite was the kubbe. Sure, I can eat it, but it's nothing I would be craving for. But the cabbage wraps were awesome, like the falafels. I have tried falafels in different places in Lima and they always were round, here they had a slightly different shape and tasted the best.

We also got a salad which was simple but very refreshing and matched perfect with the platter. I stood up to check the place for the review and saw something interesting: desserts! There were just 2 types of dessert, so one for each. Just to try the local flavor, hahaha. While we were eating, 2 girls arrived asking for hummus since they just saw it on a tv show - the same for the foodies guide book. Unfortunately, they run out of it and the girls had to leave... and they came from a non so close part of the city... Another sign that this place was really good. We were lucky to arrive on perfect time.

Food was delicious and I found the perfect place for baklavas. I'll come back to buy some for my mom. Now it was time to go back home, but we got distracted and ended up having piscos at Tayta, hahaha
Africancrab says:
Posted on: Jan 06, 2010
yadilitta says:
thumbs up!!!
Posted on: Jan 06, 2010
geerbox says:
I don't have much experience with Middle Eastern food, but this one seemed superior to any other I have eaten. The falafel and cabbage wraps were great, but don't forget the stuffed zucchini was also a favorite of mine. Great restaurant!
Posted on: Jan 06, 2010
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Fuente Surtida 1: fig leaf, falafe…
Fuente Surtida 1: fig leaf, falaf…
the best falafel
the best falafel
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