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Kevin, Yadi & Shane sharing a delicious lunch
In less than a month I will be leaving Lima, but that doesn't stop me to continue with my Ambassador's duties, hehe. A few weeks ago Shane contacted me and we've been talking about what he and his friend could do while they were in town. I gave them as much info as possible, but talking face to face would work much better. So, we decided to meet up for their first lunch in Lima, yay!

As agreed, we met at their hostel in Miraflores. It was still early, so we could have lunch later, better to do some errands first, including buying a jacket and towels. It was great to meet Shane and Kevin. I wanted to give them a brief idea about what to expect from Peru. We were talking about which places they could visit during their trip.
sweet time! Pionono de manjar, Chirimoya Cheesecake, Tres Leches. Yummy!
Well, it was about 2pm when we drove to have lunch. Well, we were in Lima, so fish & seafood was the logical choice. We went to Punto Azul, but not the one in Miraflores. By this time we have already moved to another area. Miraflores is very popular and they were staying there, so I wanted to show them different areas of Lima.

We were lucky to find the last (and best) parking spot. Also there were a couple of tables free. Perfect timing! I was in charge or ordering the food and we got the causa sampler and the famous cebiche. They both liked them! I was sure, I couldn't get wrong with the causa and the cebiche I ordered was the house's special. Good choice! The portions here are huge! So, sharing the dishes was more than enough. And to drink, we had the traditional Inca Kola. Also we have been talking about dessert and wanted to save some space for it. While we were eating, guys were telling me about their ideas for Peru and Argentina. They are gonna have a blast here!

Although a girl was tempting us with the desserts here, I suggested to move. The small places are usually the best for desserts and I knew the perfect one in our way back to Miraflores. Again, we were so lucky to find a parking spot right in front of the shop, yay! We got the "Tres Leches" which is not Peruvian, but popular in whole Latin America. Actually Shane has already tasted it, but Kevin didn't. Also we got a pie - yes, how Peruvian - with Chirimoya. That's the Peruvian twist, the Chirimoya is a Peruvian fruit. At last, but no least, we got the "Pionono de manjar". Mmm, I can't describe this dessert, but tasted so good. We found a nice table and sat down to enjoy our desserts. Same as me, they love to share food. This is the way to try as much as possible, yay!!!

Well, it was getting late and I should go back to work... then the guys asked me if I had plans for later. Mmm, I remember another TB contacted me and told me he'd call me around 6pm when he arrived in Lima. Furthermore, I recommended him to stay at the same hostel, hahaha. Well, I guess now I had a plan for later. A mini meet up is coming...
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Kevin, Yadi & Shane sharing a deli…
Kevin, Yadi & Shane sharing a del…
sweet time! Pionono de manjar, Chi…
sweet time! Pionono de manjar, Ch…
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