Although I had to study, I found time to meet Aleks :)

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no need of gloves if sleeves have a hole for my thumb ;)
In one week I'd take an important examination and had to study. I didn't have much time to study, since I was traveling so I decided to focus now, but couldn't help it taking a break to meet a TB, Aleks! hahaha. My examination was to get an English certificate, so talking with Aleks - who is Australian - could be considered as being studying ;)

We first met the evening before, did some shopping and grabbed a bite. Believe it or not I forgot to take my camera, grrrr. Well, today I woke up and was studying earlier, so meeting him for lunch would be the perfect break, hehehe.  So good he got a sim card the day before. It was very easy to in touch.

We met at the park, he was watching the paragliding. Then we drove to a restaurant. I was thinking about fish & seafood, but he's not a big fan of them.
having lunch with Aleks
Ok, let's have chicken. Peruvian roasted chiken aka "pollo a la brasa" is always a success and this time wasn't the exception. Food was very tasty and we had a typical appetizer before our main dishes for me a salad and for him 1/2 roasted chicken. We had the "anticuchos" (grilled cow's heart). Aleks loved them!

Our waiter was very nice and wanted to practice his English with Aleks, hahaha. I also brought my book and asked Aleks to check some exercises, so as was playing the tourguide and he was playing the English teacher ;) So bad I couldn't stay longer, but had to go back and do some stuff... well, we agreed to meet on Monday and guess what... I forgot my camera again that day, grrrr. At least I was happy it was sunny and we had a nice day although there aren't proves of it :P
Dr_Seuss says:
making the poor guy work for his dinner :-O :-D
Posted on: Jan 05, 2010
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no need of gloves if sleeves have …
no need of gloves if sleeves have…
having lunch with Aleks
having lunch with Aleks
love my sleeves
love my sleeves
photo by: rsvpme