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Monday, we awoke ready to head to Mendoza!  We were very excited to travel to the other side of Argentina, and we were looking forward to seeing the Andes, drinking wine and getting more of a feel for the culture.  After packing our bags, we headed to the smaller, local airport.  I was nervous about what to expect, but I was very happily surprised.  Jorge Newbery Airport is one to the cleanest airports I have ever seen.  They have bathroom attendants constantly cleaning the banos.  We did run into a scheduling conflict though.  Our flight for 12:40 was cancelled so we had to wait for the next one at 2:30.  We had already arrived pretty early since we didn't know what to expect.  This meant we spent a large part of our day in the airport, but oh well.  Such is life!  The wait wasn't too bad because we had a nice lunch of pizza cooked in an actual stone oven.  The food court was interesting as the tables were all assigned to the varous restaurants in the food court.  We sat down at a table that belonged to the pizza place we wanted to eat at, and we were actually waited on.  Very different from any food court I had ever been to before.  Finally, we were in the plane and on our way to Mendoza.  The flight wasn't too long, and the airport was very, very small.  So, we quickly had our luggage after landing and made our way outside.  We instantly noticed a change in the weather and the air as compared to BA.  During our time here, we definitely noticed that the days were warmer, but the nights were cooler than BA.  The air had a Colorado feel to it probably due to the elevation and close proximity to the Andes.  On our way through the town, we were surprised at all of the trees.  We knew that Mendoza was in a desert region, but you would never know it inside the city.  The driver explained that Mendoza has a very intricate irrigation system, which is evident by the open trenches that run along the streets.  We were staying right on the main square the Plaza Indepencia at the Argentino Hotel.  Since the time I was there, I have read a few reviews online about people being disappointed with the customer service, however for us, it was great.  Josh had emailed back and forth with a manager names Diego, and when we were checking in he remembered Josh.  He had arranged for us to stay in the best room, which mainly meant that it was a little bit larger than the others and had a large walkout balcony that faced the plaza.  The rooms in general are very small, but we enjoyed the hotel especially the location.  Review below.  After freshening up, we headed to the Ampora Wine office to book a wine tour.  We had read about this company in Lonely Planet.  We knew that it was one of the higher end ones, but that was what we were looking for since it was our honeymoon!  The girl who worked at the front desk was very nice and helpful.  Once we got our tour booked, she wrote down several names of restaurants that she recommended.  We appreciated a local perspective on where to eat!  I definitely recommend asking someone local to list the places they like to eat at.  She also knew it was our honeymoon so she wrote down some fancy places that she recommended for a special occasion.  After a quick walk around the downtown, which reminded me of the downtown in Boulder, Co. we headed to the hotel.  We were in the mood for a fancy dinner, so we had the front desk make us reservations at "1884" that the local girl had recommended as the best restaurant in town.  Since we had awhile before dinner, we walked over to "The Vines," which we had read about in Lonely Planet and the Ampora Wine girl had recommended.  The Vines is a wine tasting bar.  At the bar, you can order a flight of wines, and then the bartender walks you through a description of each type.  We didn't have time for that, so we sat in a covered courtyard and each had a glass of wine.  Josh had a glass of "Ava," which was very good, and I had a glass of "Mairena Malbec," which was just okay.  It was then time to head to "1884."  The hotel had arranged for their car service to pick us up.  As we were driving, we noticed that the restaurant was pretty far from the city center.  In fact, it seemed like it was on the ouskirts of town.  Eventually, the driver pulled up to what looked like just a really big plain building with a large gate around it.  He started honking his horn.  At this point, I was contemplating taking off my heels and jumping out of the car.  I could tell Josh was a little nervous as well.  It just seemed a little too odd for us.  However, the gates opened and a security guard walked out and asked for our names.  Ater checking his list, he told us to come with him.  I was still a little nervous, but I could see he was wearing a uniform, and his list had the restaurant name on it.  The restaurant ended up being amazing.  Apparantly it is one of those that don't advertise much and is known for being very high end.  However, despite all of that,  the entire dinner was still half what the cost would have been back in the U.S.  The entire trip I couldn't get over how inexpensive dining out is!  Of course us, being American's, were the first ones there for dinner.  So, we had the place to ourselves for quite awhile.  See review below.  After dinner, the restaurant called a taxi for us and we headed back to the hotel.
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Mendoza Hotels & Accommodations review
I'm going to go with a rating of 5 on this one. Mainly, because of the great location and the excellent customer service we received. Yes, the rooms … read entire review
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