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Despite the City noise outside the hotel, we both slept great.  The day before we had made reservations for massages.  We headed to a little boutique hotel, "Home" for what were some amazing massages.  We had read good things about the place in our Lonely Planet book, and had almost stayed at that hotel.  I would definitely recommend getting a massage at Home while staying in Palermo.  After breakfast back at the hotel, we headed to the subte to go downtown.  We had read that Cafe Tortoni was a good place to see a Tango show.  It is very historic, beautiful and beyond touristy.  A tour bus actually pulled up as we arrived.  Lots of "Americans".  :)  We had heard it was good to make reservations as the shows fill up quickly.

  After an interesting run-in with an English women, we made our reservations and decided to head to Recoleta.  This is a very upscale "old money" barrio.  Very ritzy.  The Recoleta Cemetery  is very famous and where "Evita" is buried.  They also have an outdoor market outside the cemetery.  Josh was fascinated with the marble tombs.  All of the tombs are above ground, but when you peak in you can see stairs leading  below.  A little spooky.  We easily found Evita's tomb as it was covered in flowers and several people were gathered around.  When Josh took my photo, I wasn't sure if it was proper to smile in front of someone's tomb!  One piece of advice.  Try to find a bano before going to the cemetery.
  Because your only option once there, is to use the turkish style one there.  Believe me, you want to try another option!  After the cemetery, we decided to head back to Palermo.    Once back, we ate at "Ovido" which was very close to our hotel.  We had a fun waiter who always smiled and Josh discovered the local beer, "Quilmes."  We next returned to the Palermo Square.  A little fair was going on in the square, and we wandered around for a bit.  I had discovered a wonderful store the day before called "Calma Chica" and had to return to buy a read leather purse.  After some gelato, we realaxed at the hotel until it was time to return downtown to go the Tortoni for the tango show.  Along the way, we rode on a subte line that was probably original.
  The train had wooden doors and wooden benches.  Of course we took pictures, and stood out like the tourists we were!  The tango show was entertaining.  It was a combination of various tango dances, a band and a singer.  The lady who did the singing was very dynamic and loud.  She definitely enjoyed performing.  The show was fun, but I do wish we could have gone to one of the fancy dinner/tango shows while we were in BA.  We simply just ran out of time.  After the show, we headed back to Palermo and had dinner at a pizza restaurant, " Morelia."  While there, Josh discovered the bottled water, "ECO".  It is from the Andes, and according to Josh, the best he has ever had, which is quite the compliment from a water engineer!  One quick observation about meals in Argentina.  In our research, we knew that the dinning hours were different from the U.S.  However, we still didn't quite realize it until we were actually there!  I think this was the only night that we ate when the locals ate, which was around 11:30 p.m.  Normally, we would eat between 7 and 8, and we were usually the only ones actually eating!

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