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I finally made it to Birmingham yesterday and enjoyed seeing and catching up with all my friends.  So with jet lag well and settled into my body, my friend Danny and I flew to Dublin this morning.  I found tickets for $50.00 and since the flight was less than an hour from Birmingham, who wouldn't turn the opportunity down!  Our flight, on "lovely" Ryanair left Birmingham at like 8 in the morning.  I was pretty excited to go.  Having lived in England for 3 years and never going to Ireland, I was pretty curious as to what Ireland looked like and how the people were.  Even though I was only getting a sliver of the country and culture by going to Dublin, I really enjoyed my trip there.

We started out the journey spending almost an hour looking for the place to pick up the rental car.  Once we found it, we were on our way to the city centre. No map. No directions.  Just my knowledge of British roads and cars!  We made it to the city centre fairly easy. We parked the car and walked down the Quay for probably half a mile then turned and went  down some side streets. We ate breakfast at this restaurant/pub place and it was amazing.  The prices were pretty good too considering we were using Euros and not Pounds!  After eating we walked aroung some more and found ourlselves at some garden and spent a little time there.  We eventually made it back to the rental car at like 12:30 because we were going to meet another friend of ours who lives in Dublin.  Once we got to the car we waited for about an hour (which I used to the time to sleep) before he finally showed up.  We followed him back to his house, which was absolutely incredible.  I don't know the name of the suburb, but it was a little bit out of the city with rolling green hills. After spending some time with him and his wife, Danny and I got in the car and drove back to the Airport to fly back to England.  I had a great time and would love to spend more than 8 or so hours exploring Ireland.

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photo by: fransglobal