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A minibus from the travel agency showed up at promised time, to our surprise, it was another 5 tourists in it. A day ago they told us that we will fly alone and therefore we have to pay for one additional seat. Good, so they found more people, but it seemed they did not find it important to tell us and return money for extra seat we paid.

After some discussion with travel agency, they said they'll look at it.

After arrival to the airport, we had to weight ourselves together with our bags. I weight almost 100 kg and Richard about 120 kg, they were not very happy about it ;) At least Jozef weights only 70 kg... 

Anyway, we were allowed to board the plane. I've got nice seat next to window and I was happy because the views were fantastic.

First, Georgetown is surrounded by many farms and fields divided by systems of canals, similar to those in the Netherlands. It is because Guyana was originally Dutch colony before it became British. The canals divides the land to nice geometric shapes. It seems that farming is doing quite well in Guyana.

Farms and fields were soon replaced with jungle. I could see the sun mirroring and flashing on the water bellow the trees, there were no roads, just wet flat jungle. After half an hour terrain started to change and some mountains showed up. Just before Kaieteur, there was another waterfall which could be as well as a main tourist attraction if it is not so close to Kaieteur. One minute later we could see Kaieteur falls from the window and it was amazing.

About 100 meters wide river drops 250 m straight down, the water is dark brown and thein it turns white and continues down the canyon. And jungle all around.

The plane turned 2 times around the falls from both sides, so everyone can take good pictures and then it landed on a small air strip. There we were accompanied by a local guide who took us to the first viewpoint. As we walked there, we get some explanations about local flora and fauna. Two more guys with machetes followed us, but it seems they just enjoyed seeing some people in this place far away from civilisation. For them we were the main attraction.

The first viewpoint is the furthest from the falls. With every other viewpoint we were getting closer and closer and could see how huge the fall really is.

The last viewpoint is the edge from where the water is falling. There is a overhanging rock with warning signs, but Richard with his 120 kg of weight had no fear... (not like me). I have fear from heights and not only when I am standing close to the edge, but also when seeing other people...

The views down and to the canyon were breathtaking. From waterfall we went back to the airstrip. They have started to build new building for tourists there, but it was not yet finished. The travel agency prepared a lunch for us and I must say it was fantastic. Very good spicy chicken with lots of salad, rice, fruits and drinks.

After lunch, we boarded the plane again ready for the next stop - Orinduik Falls.

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Kaieteur Falls
photo by: IvanR