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Landing in Cayenne was nice, you can only see jungle and big river, no sign of any big city near by.
Even-though we were the only plane at the airport, unloading our luggage took 40 minutes. No one was in a hurry, neither we... From airport we took a taxi, they use euro in French Guiana, so I paid taxi-driver with my Slovak euro coins - wanted to spread it little bit to this exotic location.
Taxi took us to our hotel where we were supposed to meet Jozef. To our surprise, he was waiting us in a lobby, smiling and in one piece :)
He arrived to Cayenne the same day as we, although he was supposed to come day before us. His original flight from Martinique was cancelled and he had to stay one more night in Martinique and take another flight next day.
With no English or French, somehow he managed to find his way...
He arrived only few hours before us and booked a room in the same hotel. He already managed to see the town, so he became our tour guide for the rest of the day. Cayenne is small town, did not take us more than 2 hours to see the main attractions - the quay, fortress on a small hill, main square with park and few streets around. Everything still with Christmas decoration, which for us is quite unusual in 30 degrees heats. At the end, we bought 2 bottles of French wine and celebrated our meet-up.
For the next day we were planing to go to Kourou, visit Iles du Salut and then come back. Since there was not much to see in Cayenne, we decided to stay in Kourou and not return.

So Richard sets alarm clock on 5:50. Next morning alarm clock is ringing, I still feel like I slept very short. Suspicious I check my watch and it shows 2AM (or something like that). Richard did not change his time to local, but I am happy I can sleep 4 more hours. Actually, he did not change his time for the rest of the trip, so I always had to double-check it. He said it's impossible (until I showed him couple of weeks later when I got tired of it).
OK, so second time we wake up on correct time. The Lonely Planet says there are frequent buses to Kourou, but it took us 2 hours before we get into one. And then it is waiting another 30 minutes to fill up. We are spending our time talking to a local homeless guy, surprisingly, he speaks English. After 5 minutes he asks for money (of course). When we don't give him anything, he throws rocks on us as we depart with our mini-bus. Nice guy.
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