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San Francisco didn't for sure disappointed me, it will stay for me the city of California where it's cold.

But the cold here is special is not the common cold it's a cold that come inside your blood and freeze it. I have been always dressed with two sweater and i still get cold here. Anyway it was sunny by the day and it doesn't get that cold if you stay under the sun.

So i stayed mostly theses few days with Chris and Katty and others friends. The Friday i've been visiting the new company of Henry, Chris and Bob called Affero the idea is pretty revolutionary and new i wish the best luck for the next.

The after-noon I've been also to Metreon to see the new Sony product and go seen a movie called Blade2 the movie didn't worth really the 10$ for the spot.

The evening i had a dinner with Chris, Katty and Carry in a french restaurant called "Cafe Bastille" and Katty me we have been going clubbing in a club called "Ruby Sky". It's funny that Katty who leave here since i don't know how many time in Frisco didn't hear about this big nightclub.

You got to know that for me this club is special in the Californian universe, the music is principally House/Techno (American techno little outdated but well is finally better than Country or 80's music). And what special for a club of this region there is for the disposition of the poor smoker a "boudoir". By shot of RedBull Vodka i stayed till the closing of the nightclub (only 3ham i know it's only the beginning of the night in Europe at this time) and i came back by walk (45mn of walking yep that good to bypass the RedBull from the blood).

Hangover in the morning, Katty take me for boating on the Bay. We rent one for 1h et let's go. This kind of boat doesn't go that fast at the first impression only 25Mph but with the weaves it make such big jump terrible to masteries. And i did one of my dream i didn't have the courage to do it when i was leaving here is to swim in the bay area. That was really cold there and by 10s i was thinking that i lost my ba*** there. Anyway that was a fantastic day thanks Katty.

After a little nap i went decide to go back by myself to the RubySky, others people was too tire (or too old ;)). I didn't stay by myself for a long time i meet that cool girl christrina where i stand dancing drinking talking till the end of the night (BTW: If you read this Christina i lost your email send me an email back).

That it for Sunday i spend mostly of my time to vegetate sleep and make Laundry. I miss by that the depart of Maureen and Josh to San-Diego and the Easter day at Henry's house because of this Sunday hangover.

That it Monday i did the 35Mn from the house to the office in Roller Blade, i love to do this way in Roller Blade it's really a beautiful way going by the marina via the park and the fisherman to finally come by the giants stadium on embarcadero. The come back was much harder hopefully the strong Chris drag me with his bicycle. The night i go with katty to a bar called the Matrix very nice bar and i think i had too much of these cocktail so i went sleeping till my depart now.

That it now i come back to San-Diego by plane and finish Passoveh before going to Mexico this sunday.

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