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Eastern Flevoland. 17 december 1956

In the period of the Romans, Ijsselmeer was just a lake. Not an open connection to the sea. But in a short period of time the sea took over the land and the lake became bigger and bigger. The Romans called this delta, the  Vecht, IJssel and the Vlie the Flevum from the "Flevomeer".

Holland already was small, but they were noticing that it became smaller and smaller, so they had to think of a new way to "regain land" again.

Prof dr. Lely born in 1854 �" 1929 Had a plan to drain the South Sea (Zuiderzee). This plan was contracted by the government in 1918. The name Sudersee was mentioned in the year 1340. After the year 1600 we called it Zuiderzee. In the year 1600 they were interested in gaining back land.

The NoordOostpolder is the first real polder. After that,  they started with Oostelijk Flevoland. Very soon the people started to live on the embankment .  In the year 1957 the 90 kilometer long encircling dike was closed. (see the pictures). And it was no longer an island anymore. The impoldering had began.

They planned to develop two small villages and a bigger city, Lelystad. Now lelystad has become very big.

Ing. Elisabeth van den Ban was the landscape architect of Lelystad. 


The most  remarkable thing about Elisabeth was, that her friend Ina Boudier-Bakker (writer)  was. (what the writer does not know,is Ina Boudier is a niece of her). She lived the same way as her niece. When She wanted to inspect the shore of Eastern Flevoland along the lake, She took the train to Harderwijk, rented a bike and went on her bike to Kampen, there she took the train again with her bike. She thought in terms of biking. She was determined to develop an cycle track along the dike. There was no place for a car in her plan. In the warm summer of 1959 she was confronted with 10.000 cars on the dike, in the beginning she denied that. But the next Monday she crabbed her bike again and went for a visit, but there was no car left to see.  Eventually de people from the Southern see works made it possible to park the car behind the dike. (published by Elsbeth Groothedde) .

Holland has a rich history in the battle against the water. We are still below sealevel and we have to control our sea and rivers.


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Eastern Flevoland. 17 december 1956
Eastern Flevoland. 17 december 1956
Eastern Flevoland  17 december 1956
Eastern Flevoland 17 december 1956
Closing, and partly creating new l…
Closing, and partly creating new …
Construction of the Meerdijk
Construction of the Meerdijk
elisabeth frederika van den Ban
elisabeth frederika van den Ban
photo by: aggieaggie