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Got into central Cairo last Tuesday and I'm loving the travelling and the people I've met so far!

Firstly I got the plane from Birmingham UK to Frankfurt Germany. The Frankfurt airport wasn't that nice, in fact it was shit. When I first arrived at the airport I thought I'll look around for a coffee shop or a bar to waste three hours. There was only one cafe and it was too busy to sit back and relax with a nice cup of coffee so naturally I went looking around for another place to have coffee. Then I hit this wall of stale smoke. I was wondering if there was a smoking area at the airport and there was - but I think they also doubled up as gas chambers. They were little glass rooms with enough ventilation for an ant to smoke in. I thought it would be funny to call them gas chambers to the other smokers but I think it was appropriate being in Germany n' all.

On the relatively short flight from Frankfurt to Cairo I got talking to an Australian girl sitting aside me and she was giving me some tips and advice which I encouraged. After picking up my backpack from Cairo I ended up in a taxi with her to get into the centre of the city. This was probably my first mistake - not because of the girl; but because the taxi driver spent an hour looking for my hostel and this poor girl just wanted to get to hers and sleep. After a while he gave up trying to find mine and went directly to her hotel and dropped her off. So I'm sitting there, in a taxi, with no idea where I am and this driver doesn't even understand "ok?". I say "ok?" he says "yes yes" and then after another hour of circling the city I realised it was more of a "no no I have no fucking clue". But here I am 3 days later so I must have made it! Good news - I got here after he spent 3 hours going around the city aimlessly shouting out his window at locals for directions.

After lugging my things up a flight of stairs I checked in and crashed out.
mcphistino says:
hmmm...not very nice your analogy of a gas chamber
:-( but you're right, Frankfust airport is a stinkhole!
Posted on: Nov 04, 2009
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photo by: vulindlela