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Universidad Metro station
Today the Medellin Metro was conquored. It was a breeze: walk up to the manned ticket booth, hand over $1500 pesos (which is about 70 cents usd) and get a ticket. Then, put the ticket into the turnstile, and proceed. Yes, it is supposed to eat your ticket. This threw me off being from dc where you have to have you ticket on you at all times and need it to exit. Not so on Metro Medellin.

After about a five minute wait, the train arrived. It was very clean, quiet and orderly. I'm told Piasas (people who live in Medellin) take great pride in the system. In addition there was a police presence at every station, either officers or auxiliary trainees.

I went from Poblado to Universidad. Outside of the Universidad station you find the Jardin Botanico, parque de Los deseos, parque explora and the parque norte (a water park).
Kids at Parque de los Deseos giggling and yelling at the EPM worker to spray them with his hose on a hot day!
I went to all except for parque norte and they all deserve their own writeups which I will do later. Needless to say, all were great.

My observation of the day comes from parque de Los deseos. Let's just say that kids and teens own that place. If you want some empanadas from the stand on the outside left of the food court under the projection building, prepare to fight your way to the front. The kids show no mercy when it comes to getting to the bar to buy $1300 plates of empanadas. And why not? They were really good and I think it was the most filling lunch I've ever had for the rough equivilent of $1.50 usd, with a bottle of coke!

Next up: locating some bandeja paisa, venturing to parque lleras, venturing up the cable car to santo Domingo, and a search for a futbol jersey to take home! National or medellin?
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Universidad Metro station
Universidad Metro station
Kids at Parque de los Deseos giggl…
Kids at Parque de los Deseos gigg…
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