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A nice Sunday morning stroll down Poblado Avenue
Just kidding, been anything but lazy today. After a deseyuno of huevos, arroz y frijoles, arroz y jamon and a meatball (don't know the Spanish name for that haha), set out towards parque Poblado. Boy was this a good day to make that walk. The city had shut down the normally crazy southbound lane of Poblado avenue and designated it for walkers and bikers. Large crowds of Paisas were taking advantage of this. Entire families walking, on bikes or rollerblades and alot of dogs. One funny thing about medellin is that people rarely leash their dogs, and all of these unleashed dogs seemed to be incredibly well behaved.

I sat at parque Poblado for a while, and then set off for the metro. The walk is all downhill from there, which is nice.

Today I got off at San Antonio.
Bird of Peace in Parque San Antonio. In 1995, it was bombed, killing 18 people. Botero requested that it remain as is as a memorial and reminder.
I went first to Parque San Antonio to see the Pajaro de Paz (bird of peace). There are two Botero statues of birds; one was heavily damaged by a bomb during La Violencia, and Botero requested it remain as is to remind people of the history.

Next, I went to Parque de la Luz. This park has a forest of 25m poles of light, along with a bamboo forest right in the middle. It is situated across from the old train station and the Antioquia and Medellin government buildings.

Next stop was the parque de Los pies descalzos. It's just a nice relaxing place to chill for a while. Plus for nerds like me, the EPM building is an amazing sight to behold. I wish there was a way I could tour that thing. It's supposed to be the most computerized building in world, I think.
Parque de la Luz

Then it was time to head home to do some laundry. I spotted the metro station Cisneros, so I started to walk there, making it as far as the other side of the awesome looking pedestrian suspension bridge that went over the highway. The other side looked very seedy, with many shirtless vagrants down one street and many rough looking people all over the industrial-looking street a block over. I gave in to my instincts and turned around to walk to metro station Alpujarra; it was an extra 4 blocks, but those blocks are heavily policed as they go by the government buildings.

I returned to the hotel the same way I went, only this time the walk from metro Poblado to parque Poblado was uphill. On the way up I stopped at an Exito. I would compare it to a Wal-Mart or K-Mart.
EPM "smart" building
I needed tshirts and socks and a small amount of laundry detergent so it was perfect.

When I arrived at parque Poblado I found that Poblado avenue was still closed! Can't beat that. So I had another nice walk back to the hotel.

After laundry I decided I wanted to see the famous El Tesoro. So I hopped a cab that took me high up into the Poblado hills. And I was not expecting what I found. Quite literally this is the largest mall I have ever been to. Ala Moana in Honoloulu is an ant compared to this place, at least it seems that way. And the surprise: the best view is not at any fancy resturaunt, but at freakin Burger King. pictures to come.

What will the rest of today hold? Who knows? That's the thing about medellin, there's so much to do that you can just take it as it comes. Esta ciudad: la me gusta!
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A nice Sunday morning stroll down …
A nice Sunday morning stroll down…
Bird of Peace in Parque San Antoni…
Bird of Peace in Parque San Anton…
Parque de la Luz
Parque de la Luz
EPM smart building
EPM "smart" building
photo by: caliphil007