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View from the top of Hotel Novelty Suites in Medellin on a hazy morning.

That's about how I'd describe Medellin. Highlights so far:

-Feeling a little guilty about ordering a double rum and Coke at 11:45am on the Spirit Airlines flight from Fort Lauderdale to Medellin; until the Colombian businessman next to me ordered three glasses of wine...and then three more. Needless to say he was very friendly, sharing everything he loves about this country and city.
-The Colombian guy across the aisle teasing the Midwestern flight attendant. He kept giving her a hard time because it was a plane full of Colombians, but she didn't speak Spanish (she "only" speaks French and German). He was telling her that by 2015 everyone in the USA would be speaking Spanish. Of course this drove her crazy.  I was a bit surprised that none of the Spirit employees really spoke Spanish though, considering that almost everyone flying in and out of Colombia is Colombian.

View of El Poblado and Medellin at night from Novelty Suites.
-The taxi ride from the airport through the mountains in a tiny Kia with a driver who was quite aggressive, taking on hairpin turns and all of the motorcycles with no fear. However, the views and scenery were amazing. The ride was a flat 50.000 pesos.
-The incredible hospitality at our hotel, Novelty Suites. We were personally shown to our room and given all relevant info up front (including wifi info, the important stuff haha) in slowly and patiently spoken Spanish. No, you don't realize how rusty your American taught Spanish actually is until you step into an actual Spanish speaking country.
-And of course the night time scenery looking at the city lights rise up the mountains to the north west of our hotel room. Truly a sight to behold.

What's not so good is the splitting headache I have, I think due to a lack of sleep, the rum and cokes on the plane and the Club Columbia at the hotel resturaunt; and the altitude. I believe Medellin is about a mile high, same as Denver. Might take some getting used to for a sea level dweller like me. Good thing we came here before Quito!

geokid says:
Another good write up!
Posted on: Nov 20, 2009
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View from the top of Hotel Novelty…
View from the top of Hotel Novelt…
View of El Poblado and Medellin at…
View of El Poblado and Medellin a…
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