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With only four days to go, we now have all of our arrangements in order.  We decided on the Novelty Suites Hotel for the first leg of the Medellin visit, Hotel San Francisco de Quito for the Quito side-trip, and then decided on the Palm Tree Hostal when we return to Medellin.

Novelty Suites Hotel was a breeze; it was all booked online, as it is a traditional hotel.  It is located in El Poblado, and appears to be near shopping malls, etc.  We figure this is a good way to get comfortable, with the city, gradually.

As mentioned before, Hotel San Francisco de Quito was also easy, as long as it holds up when I arrive.  I inquired about booking via email, and a gentleman named Javier replied.  The booking was done through a form he sent back to me, and he confirmed.

Finally, the Palm Tree Hostal.  I didn't see any reviews on here, but I learned of the place while browsing blogs about Medellin.  A TravBuddy user named chrisrae wrote very fondly of the place, and it sounded like what we are looking for: Colombian owned, decent location and no advertisments about beer pong.  I wrote her for more details and she was very happy to oblige. 

The booking process was through e-mail.  I sent a message inquiring about the dates, and received a message back within an hour from a gentleman named Miguel who said that he would reserve the room for us, as long as we sent a confirmation email 1-2 days before arrival.  Hopefully that holds out as well!

Our bags are already packed, so now we just count down until Thursday morning at 4:00am when we depart for Reagan National Airport!

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Bear with me.  I've had the travel bug for years now, especially the South American bug.  After a major change in my life caused me to realize that I shouldn't waste anymore time dreaming, and should just do it, I've taken the first big step.  I now have airline tickets to Medellin, Colombia in November.  I also took it a step further and got tickets from Medellin to Quito during the middle of the stay.

So here we go.  I have about eight weeks to figure this out.  So far, I've settled on staying at Hotel San Francisco de Quito while in Quito.  I have read mixed reviews, but the price ($26/night) and location (in the heart of "old town") are right for me, and I'm certainly not one who is picky when it comes to comfort, noise or sleep.  So far, it's been a pleasant experience dealing with them.  I inquired about a room via the form on their website.  Within 24 hours, I received a very nice personalized reply with detailed instructions and other info.

I'm still trying to nail down a place to stay during each stay in Medellin.  I'm thinking I should to a hostel during the first trip, and then maybe do a hotel during the second.  But I'm open minded.  All I know is that I do not want to stay in one of the places I've seen advertising beer pong tournaments.  Why would I want to travel all the way to a different country to play frat house drinking games?

Anyway, here we go.