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Not many steeples as special as this one, set off especially well by coca cola ad.

We feel as though we know Comodoro Rivadavia, the petroleum capital of Argentina, quite well. On the way down to Ushuaia we spent the day here between two overnight bus journeys. There was no left luggage, but despite this we managed to visit a small local museum with some dusty exhibits, the guide book labelled 'ugliest cathedral you'll ever see' (it is ugly, but fantastic, a whole cathedral decked out in bathroom tiles from the 1950s), and a pebbly beech where we did a bit of snoozing and got sunburnt. We didn't visit the petroleum museum. We did however became very well acquainted with the bus station, especially as our bus was two or three hours late, arriving at some hour in the morning.


We crossed paths with Comodoro Rivadavia again on our way up from Ushuaia, again waiting for a bus connection. Unfortunately we had been mis-sold our tickets in Ushuaia, meaning the bus arrived two hours after we were expecting it to. By this time Steve had developed an unhealthy obsession with how much he hates Comodoro Rivadavia bus station, as evidenced by his continuing statements about how it stinks of petrol fumes, that the seats are totally lacking in comfort, and that he might spend the rest of his days in Argentina wearing a sandwich board letting others know they should be any place other than Comodoro Rivadavia bus station. Michelle on the other hand has developed a soft spot for the place.


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Not many steeples as special as th…
Not many steeples as special as t…
A typical bus, at a truck stop in …
A typical bus, at a truck stop in…
Comodoro Rivadavia
photo by: bramwan