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Woke up at 6.45am after a disturbed nights sleep at the Royal Hotel, as my room was by the main road so there was constant traffic noise! had a buffet breakfast and met my guide for a private tour around the city. We took the longboat down the river and canals. We saw lots of Shanty huts and temples and spirit houses (where they offer gifts for the deceased family members in return for protection of the house) on the banks.
Was meant to go to a barge museum but it wasn't open yet so we carried on down the river.

After the boat ride we went to various temples and saw lots of budda statues. there was a man selling fish and turtles in plastic bags outside one temple, for people to release back into the water for good luck. I climbed a massive stone temple. saw reclining Buddha. then at the end was taken to a gem factory where i saw how they make them.

after relaxing i got a taxi to Koah San road, which turned out would of only been a 10 minute walk! the streets were filled with travelers, and with people trying to sell stuff on their market stalls or trying to coax you into their tuk tuk! I sat at a bar and had some chicken and noodles and a beer.
then found a place that had internet so so checked facebook (of course). Then wandered up to an air conditioned pub to have a drink. met 2 English guys traveling in there and chatted with them for a while then went for a walk with them. they then had to go so i was on my own again!

i went back to the hotel for a shower and relaxed and watched tv. then got ready and headed back to the same pub in the evening. Was befriended by 3 lovely Thai ladies so we drank and danced and i met various other travelers in there too. we then headed off to a club, and by the time i got back to the hotel it was 4.30am!

Got woken up the next morning by the maid trying to get in my room at like 8am! crazy! eventually i got up and had breakfast. i took a taxi to the grand palace and joined a free English speaking tour, where i met a nice Canadian couple on their honeymoon. After the tour we sat and had a drink. I went to the toilet...and experienced my first hole in the floor!
we parted ways and i thought i would try and walk back.... bad idea! got a little bit lost and a Thai man conned me into giving bird seed to the pigeons, and then demanded money. i told him i didn't have any and hurried away! phew!

later on back at the hotel  i walked past a room with an open door and heard English voices! so i stopped to say hello. they were 2 girls on another tour, similar to mine. i wandered up to koah San road with them and had some street food which was rather nice!

by the time i got back my feet and legs ached sooo much i needed to lie down, and fell asleep! had a bath and packed my stuff up as i checked out the next day!

so 17th September i checked out and made my way to the Trang hotel where i checked in and waited in my room most afternoon for my roommate to arrive, but she didn't! found a few bugs that i had to kill!! had trouble with the lock on the door.
then went downstairs to meet my tour leader and the rest of my group! we did some paper work then took a tuk tuk to koah san road for dinner and drinks. everyone then headed back, except a girl called Lucy, and me. we stayed out drinking till the early hours with a group of guys who were pretty cool.
when we got back my roommate was in bed so i had to creep around in the dark! this was the first of many times.

18th September: group met at 10am and went for a boat ride down the same route i did the other day. was nice and refreshing and it was soo hot! saw catfish in the water and fed them bread. a man came up in his boat to try and sell us things.

when we got off the boat the tour leader Wasa took some people to the temples but as i had already down them i went with 2 of the guys Adam and Kit to the Tallest Tower in Thailand. we went up to the 83rd floor and saw amazing views! and then went up to the roof to the revolving floor! on a lower level there was a golf range so we hit a few balls and then had dinner in the restaurant! i was adventurous tried dim sum, rice crackers with chicken curry, squid filled with minced chicken and a dragon fruit smoothie. then headed back to our hotel in the busy Bangkok traffic!

we met up with the rest of the group and took a sleeper train for 12 hours to the south of Thailand! the seats folded down into beds.
they served food but it wasnt nice. didnt sleep well just drifted in and out.

when we arrived we had to take 3 different buses taking around 5 hours in total! we had arrived finally in Krabi! It was amazing. right by the beach so so hot and beautiful. we went for lunch and i had the most amazing battered squid and a greek salad. then we headed downt o the beach and saw a gecko eat a caterpillar! we also saw an elephant on the beach. we walked back tot he hotel after getting a bit burnt by the sun, and i stopped and brought 2 dresses for 400 bhart, thats around 8 pounds.

we went out for dinner that evening and i had chicken and rice served in a pinapple, and a pina colada in a coconut! it was really good.  then we took tuk tuks to a bar for drinks.  it was nearly empty but we stayed to watch some fire dancing and played some pool.

then we left and hailed down some tuk tuk drivers to take us to somewhere more exciting! so we went to a small collection of bars ina place called centre point. we had some drinks and free shots, played some pool. there were lots of ladyboys there!!

Next day we took a longtail boat across to an island which was so beautiful. we had lunch and relaxed on the beach. i had a food scrub, massage and pedicure for about 8 pounds.

Next day we did a tour of the Phi Phi Islands, and visited the place where they filmed 'the beach'! the waters were crystal blue/clear and it was like heaven! so beautiful! we were then taken out to deeper water and ddid some snorkelling and were surrounded by millions of different colour fish!! it was incredidble! 

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