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The Following Day: 7:30AM:

The next morning we eat breakfast prepared by the hotel. They had prepared fresh fruit, scones, orange juice, coffee and tea all for us since we were the only guests that night.

After breakfast, it was time for the trains!

When I walked outside, it was snowing and it was around 20 degrees. This was not the kind of weather that I was used to So I put on my Amtrak rain cost and walked over to the depot.

Highway 97


(Depot street left, depot right)




There were atleaste 4 Union Pacific Vehicles down the line doing track work...there was also a BNSF pickup truck on the BNSF side of the tracks. I did not see one freight train go by the entire time I was there. Last year, I did not see any work vehicles and saw several trains. I found this to be rather strange.

After about 2 hours at the station I gave up and went back to the lodge. I stayed there about a half hour until it was time for lunch. When we walked outside, there was very ltitle snow had melted very rapidly.

BNSF truck in the melted snow at a gas station:

The Home Run Pizza Parlor (not PARLOUR like on the PPC) burned down over the past year and is in the process of being rebuilt.

After a short walk we had reached Loree's Chalet, our facorite restaurant in Chemult.


Inside, I oredered the Cheeseburger and my mom had a BLT. The cheeseburger was really good and it came with those tasty fries you cant get in California.



After lunch on out way back to the lodge, I saw a UP truck broken down on the highway with a Chemult Auto Towing truck next to it about to take it away.

Right after that, I heard a train was the northbound 14 only three hours late. I ran over to the depot to get some pictures. I did not get any video.

As I got to the station, the train was getting there as well. Here are the pictures:

Notice the Cascade locomotive at the front going north to Seattle.

14 is off to Eugene and the Bus is off to Bend.

And another Union Pacific truck...

Now, most of the workmen are gone as well as the Amtraks...There was not much going on at the I was hoping a freight train would come by. We waited about an hour and none came so we took a walk along Depot St.

There were some UP buildings and equitment next to Depot St...I had not noticed these the prior year.

Another sign on the left, and a brand new Ford F-150 on the right.

After about 2 hours I decided to walk alittle around town on the side of Highway 97.

(Right: Chemult Post Office, Left: Chemult Christian Center)

(Right: Crate Lake Drive In (Abandoned) Left: Chemult Volunteer Fire Station)

Center: This store was one of the first buildings in Chemult and was a general store in the early 1900's. Then, it turned into a gift store and unfortunetly is now closed.

The end of town...Ahead you can see a sign that says "DO NOT PASS". The phone booth to the right has the same paint scheme as the Amshack...I would assume they were made by the same company. The Chemult Amshack has other identical ones in Pendleton, OR.

The town.

On the way back I see some of the Union Pacific equitment through the bushes on Highway 97.


When got back to the Lodge we relaxed and checked the train status of the train...It was running later and later. A bit later, Pam, the owner of the lodge notified us that we would have to switch rooms since we were staying after the check-out time because of the Coast Starlight's later and later arrival of the southbound train.

A bit later, I saw Harry, who was Pam's husband and asked me if I had found any railroad artifacts, I said "no" and he told me he had one around the back. It was an old railroad "hammer" for putting spikes down. He said he had recently found this along the side of the SP (or UP I should say) tracks. He told me that I could have it and I was very thankful, then he offered to take me on a walk into the Winema Nat'l Forrest which is right on the other side of the tracks. He told me of some old railroad tracks which were used to haul wood from Chemult. Now, the steel was not there, but the wooden ties remained. I had no idea of this so I was looking forward to see it. He got his dogs, and we walked just a few minutes over the tracks and he also explained that there were some old hobo camps in the forrest where you could see old pots, bottles etc. Soon he showed me the old wooden ties that he said if you bring a metal detector you can atually find old railroad nails with the year they were put in on the top. I had no idea of these old, old tracks and I wish I had explored this before Harry informed me. After a 15-20 minute walk, we went back to the lodge and he told me to meet him in the lobby to give me a nail. He gave me a "55" railroad nail which was exactly 50 years old. I was grateful, and I think I will try to bring a metal detector next time im in Chemult!

Railroad nail.

It was now around 5pm and we began moving our bags down to a smaller room from the largest room that we were in. We got there and decided to have dinner around 6:45pm. We relaxed until dinner watching TV.

. . .

At about 7:00PM we walked down to Loree's Chalet to get dinner. It was not quite dark yet, and the highway was not to busy.We get to Lorees and I have a shirley temple with a 14oz New York Steak. It was cooked up to perfection and for dessert I split a cherry cheesecake (not quite as good as Amtrak, I wish they had strawberry isntead of cherry). After we were gettting ready to leave, the Amtrak Oregon Thruway Bush pulls into the parking lot of Loree's Chalet! John was the driver, and he told us that he would be at Loree's for along time, he used a payphone to call 1-800-USA-RAIL and they said the train would arrive at 11:30PM. He told us he could pick us up at the lodge with our bags and he would be at the station if we wanted to stay warm inside the bus instead of the 25 degree weather.

By about 8:20 we are back at the lodge relaxing...My mom goes to the lobby where the other people have checked in. The lobby is nice and toasty with a fireplace going.

At 9:00PM I watch "24" until 10:00PM.

I call Amtrak, and actually speak to an agent, she tells me that this is an "unusual delay" and the train was no estimated to arrive at 12:30AM. It had arrived in Eugene, and would be going through the Cascades until it got to Chemult.

Finally around 1:00AM we decide to walk over to the station, after about five minutes John (Shuttle driver) arrives with about 10 passengers coming in fron Bend and surrouding areas. He invited us to stay warm inside of the van which was very nice of him since we were not passengers aboard the van. He told a few jokes to everyone, then he got a phone call from the conductor asking how many he had in Chemult, he then asked if anyone was going Sleeping Car, we were the only ones, so the train would make a double-stop for us. In about 10 minutes the train started coming, I got out to video record it.

-Video in VIDEO SECTION: "#11 Arriving in Chemult 2005"

The Conductor opened the doors of car 31 since all the attendants had obviously called it a day, and would not stay up for a small stop like Chemult, Oregon Pop. -300. He shows us to our room and explains where the dining car is, even though we knew...we thanked him and then went to sleep, to try to get as much sleep as possible because I like to wake up around 6:30AM on trains (Breakfast time).


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