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We got a dinner reservation around 6:00PM. Our dinner companions were Ben and his wife by coincidence. For dinner I had the Two Medallions of beef. This was the best beef dish I have ever had for dinner on Amtrak. It had a delicious tender taste to it. I ordered a salad with Italian dressing, however they put Vinaigrette on it instead. I also had a baked potato which was a nice side to the beef. I finished my meal before we got to SLO. I had the cheesecake with strawberry sauce again for dessert. When we finished dessert I went to the Parlour car and waited for SLO...

We finally got to SLO at 7:40PM. When we arrived there I was in the Parlour Car. At this time, they made an announcement that the power would go out for a few minutes. A few moments later all the lights went out, and they did not come on in a few "moments". I wanted to know what was going on, so I went to my room and got my scanner and turned it on. I got a new PRO-64 400 channel programmable scanner that replaced my old PRO-50 which only stored 20, so this was a big advancement. I brought my scanner to the Palrour car in my camcorder bag with headphone on. They were saying they were going to turn on the power in a few moments on the scanner, but had not made an announcement.

Here is a picture of the Parlour car DARK with the flash on my digital camera.

The power finally came back on about 12 minutes later.We departed SLO at almost 9:00PM. We were adding more and more and more time to our lateness.

I decided to go to bed around 10:00PM to wake up in the morning nice and early for the continental breakfast and for some pictuers. I felt sorry for the passengers that were going to San Jose, Oakland, and Emmeryville since they would be getting off in the middle of the night.

I went to sleep at around 10:30PM, our beds were already put down while we were dining.


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