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At this point, I relaxed in our roomette until we would get to Salinas.

(Station, left. SP Steam Train, right)

Joe letting out passengers:

Salinas would be the last stop before Paso Robles, it will take about 3 horus to get there. So I go to the Pacific Parlour car and enjoy the scenary.

We had very few delays, and it seemed like we may be making up some time.


Paso Robles came at 5:50PM and we stayed for a rather short time.

Then it was time for dinner, in the dining car I had a steak, with baked potato, and salad. The steak was cooked up to perfection, for dessert I had the strawberry cheesecake.

(I took a pictureof the steak, but it came out extremely dark)

Not to much later, We got to San Luis Obispo, now as on the way up you remember about the 1 hour delay with the power shortage. This time we were there for about 25 minutes waiting for a freight train. We also got a few new conductors onboard.

We finally leave and the new conductor makes an announement that we will be getting to Los Angeles between 1-2am. Obviously Julie's estimate had gone up in smoke. She also tells us that we will be stopping in Goleta, CA (near UCSB). This is not on the #14/11 timetable but we would stop there anyway.

Until we got to the SBA area, we went back to the room to relax. We also realized that we would have to take a Taxi home since it was so late.

3 hours later...

10:45PM-In Goleta, The train would only open the doors in coach, so I walked to the first coach after the lounge to detrain, the coach was rather smelly, although it did not have that many poeple still aboard. We were told that there was going to be a brief inspection of the train by the mechanic there in Goleta. This would also be a smoking stop instead of SBA to try to save 5-10 mintues. A few people actually got off the train for good in Goleta, the rest were just getting some air or smoking in Goleta.

Then, the power goes off inside the train, again! The conductor said it would go on in a minute though, and it did, a few moments later the green light went on (brakes released) and we got an "All-Aboard" to highball Goleta.

In about 8 minutes, we were in Santa Barbara, we were in SBA at 11:32PM. This was about a 4 minute stop until we proceeded to Oxnard.

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photo by: dansgirl1978