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Later that afternoon, after passing through tiny mountain towns...we get to Dunsmuir. The dunsmuir station is an old small building...which is one of my favorite stations. We stayed at Dunsmuir for about 10 minutes because it was a smoking stop.


After we left Dunsmuir a conductor notified us that we would arrive into Klamath Falls, OR (KFS) at about 5:15PM.

When went back to our room, the LSA in the diner, Chris came around to hand out dinner reservations. We asked for the earliest he had which was a 5:00PM. I usually prefer an early dinner but I would pefer not to miss a 3 minute stop in Chemult.

5:00PM came quick. We had dinner with a woman who was visiting her brother in Oregon and another woman who was traveling to Portland as well. They were both traveling in coach. For dinner I ordered the Medallions again, I had enjoyed them alot the prior night and I usually get the beef dish. My side was a baked potato and I had Italian dressing on my salad. The beef was cooked over medium rare so it was not quite as perfect as the one the prior night but it was still pretty good. My mom decided she did not want to eat another hamburger or steak so she went for the chicken theighs which she complained had alittle to much fat.

After finishing my dinner and before ordering dessert, we arrived in Klamath Falls. I decided to walk to Car #30 to get out and take a few pictures.

When I stepped of the train in a T-shirt I was freezing. It was extremely cold on the platform and it looked like it had just rained as well. But that did not stop me from getting a few pictures:


After about 5 minutes, I went back to the first sleeping car and throught the parlour car to the diner to order a cheesecake with strawberry sauce. (Once again I forgot to take the picture BEFORE I started eating it.)

After we finished dinner we went back to our room. At this time, I called 1(800)USA-RAIL on my mobile and they said 6:45PM ETA into Chemult, OR.

About 20 minutes of being in our room, it began to snow! As we went through a forest of trees, I began to see some very light snow with heavy wind falling down. This then stopped, but a bit later it began again! Later, I started to notice the area we were passing through and I realized we were only 10-15 minutes out of Chemult. So we grabbed our carry-on and searched our roomette for anything we may have left and walked to the lower level of car 31 to get our suitcases from the baggage rack. After about 5 minutes on the lower level,it began to snow...again, so I put on my raincoat (which by away is an offical Amtrak New Englander raincoat). A few moments later the Asst. Conductor came and began to get ready for the double-stop on the short platform. We were the only passengers in the sleepers getting off in Cemult, so it would be quick. We also asked him about how late the train would be into Seattle since we would be taking the exact same consist the following day because we wereonly spending one night in Chemult. He said the crew would be sleeping on the train most likely and that they would probably be late deparing Seattle since they would be arriving about 3 hours before the 11 departs.

As we arrived into Chemult, Joe came to the lower level and we tipped him and told him we would see him again the next day since we were in the same car. We got off the train and about 30 seconds later they closed the door and were moving the train up for the double-stop for coach passengers. (There is a video of this on the home page.)

While I was video recording the train, a man asked one of the conductors where the Redmon Airport Shuttle was that would be going to Bend. The woman that she didnt know and it should be there soon. Then, I said that it was probably not going to be here until 8:00PM because we were running so late, the southbound train would most likely be using the same bus since there is no way the driver could go all the way to Bend and back in an hour. The conductor then said "ohh I bet thats true". After the train left, the man was waiting there in the cold, so I offered to let him use my cell phone to call the Redmond Airport, I had the number since it was on the back of the Starlight timestable. Unfortunetly, tuny rural towns in the middle of nowhere have minimal cell phone reception. So, we invited him to follow us to the Dawson House Lodge (right across Depot St.) to make a call in the lobby. As we walked to the lodge, one of the friendly owners came out to greet us. Inside, Terry got a hold of someone at the airport and found out what was going on, which was exactly what I had guessed. The man thanked us and walked over to the gas station across the street for a snack while he waited for his bus.

At this time Pam showed us to our room. We really had nothing to do besides relax since we had already had lunch and dinner on the train with the extra 10 hours.

After spending some time in our room, I took a short walk back over to the depot, where the southbound train was excpected that night. This is a picture of the Amshack at night.

I watched TV that night until about 10:00PM then went to bed anticipating a fun day of train spotting the next day.


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photo by: isaiah3021