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Coast Starlight Trip Report #14/11

March/April 2005

By Anton L. "CoastStarlight99"

  • Los Angeles, CA (LAX) to Chemult, OR (CMO)
  • Amtrak Coast Starlight #14
  • Superliner Roomette (14/11-31 #10)

I woke up early the day we were catching the train and we left our house around 8:00AM to arrive at Union Station around 9:00AM. We had received our tickets through the mail and we would be the second people in line for the Sleepers check-in section at Union Station. Around 9:40AM, the conductors began giving people boarding passes. After we received ours, we were given the option to wait inside of the station or go out on the platform. I elected to go out to the platform so I could video record the train arriving.

The platform had only one other person on it when we first got there, and there was no train on track #10. In about 10 minutes, more people had checked in and there were about 30 of us waiting for the starlight to pull in. As we waited, more and more people entered platform #10 waiting for the Coast Stalright to arrive on the tracks. One of those people was the Coast Starlight Chief on On-board services. About an hour after checking in and getting on the platform, there was no train to be seen.

We waited, and waited and waited some more. People kept thinking that the train was coming in as a metrolink commuter train went on another track. There were several other Surflienrs, Metrolink, as well as the Metro Gold line commuting in and out of Los Angeles Union Station. Here are a few pictures including one of 464 which is a re-painted surfliner that was involved in an accident with a truck at a crossing earlier this year. It went to Beech Grove and came back with a slightly different colors then the regular Surfliner colors.


(Right new and Left normal)

It was now about 12:00PM and I was pretty much just sitting around taking pictures and listening to my iPod.

Finally, a little after 1:00PM The Coast Starlight arrived into Los Angeles Union Station. It had two Horizon cars with the new paint on, and a bagage car hooked on the back. I got a video and picture of this. Enjoy!

We were the first ones to board Car #31 (32095 "Nebraska") our attendant would be Joe Washington. We were in roomette #10 just as we had been in our trip last year. I left my backpack with in the room and immediately walked to the Parlour car for the 1pm continental breakfast. I had purposely not ate much that morning in preparation for the delicious pastries onboard. I ate 2 or 3 muffins in the parlour car, after that a lot of people were asking what time lunch would be served since it was already suppose to have started IF we were running on time. Our Pacific Parlour Car attendant Theresa notified us that the LSA in the diner would be making an announcement shortly.

After about 15 minutes in our room, we heard the announcement for lunch service in the diner. When we got to the dining car, it was already about half full, and we were lucky not to be put on the waiting list. Our seating companions were a nice couple heading up to Oakland for a weekend in Northern California, then flying back in a few days. This was there first time on the Starlight, but they had traveled to San Luis Obispo (SLO) a few weeks before on the Surfliner and enjoyed that trip very much.

Our server was Tom, I ordered the Angus Burger with potato chips as I always do for lunch. My mom did the same, Ben and his wife ordered the chicken sandwich with cheese. Our food arrived in less then 10 minutes and it was off my plate in less then 5. For dessert I decided to have the cheesecake with strawberry topping. I am a rather big fan of the cheesecake on Amtrak.

After lunch, we were in the middle of SImi Valley and Oxnard, and stopped for about 20 minutes waiting for a southbound train. About 10 minutes after that, we were in Oxnard. We did a double-stop there which I did not remember frommy past Coast Starlight trips.

After departing Oxnard we began to get away from the "backyard" scenery and began to see the beautiful pacific coast.

Here are some excellent pictures I took before SBA:

Notice that the sun is going down on the ocean because we are running so late!

At about 4:03PM I saw Montecito so I knew it would not be more then 15 minutes to SBA.

When we got to Santa Barbara, I took some pictures of the train and I also got the numbers of the consist.

  • Transition Sleeper: 39006
  • Sleeper: 32072
  • Sleeper: 32095
  • Sleeper: 32012
  • Pacific Parlour Car: 39974 ( This same car was featured in The Italian Job , it is also the same P.C. from my 2004 trip!)
  • Dining Car: 38058
  • Sightseer Lounge: 33025
  • Coach: 34090
  • Coach: 34508
  • Coach: 34041
  • Coach: 31529

I got off the train in Santa Barbara at 4:08PM...Here are the pictures:


The "All Aboard" came about 20 minutes after we arrived and we were off to San Luis Obispo. We would hopefully not lose any additional time getting to SLO.

When we were boarding the train, I talked to Joe for a bit and I asked him about some other Amtrak crew members and he actually new Cruz, our attendant from my trip last year on the Starlight. He said that he had worked with Cruz when Cruz did not have his seniority so he had not yet been assigned to Crew #4.

Before we arrived into SLO, it got DARK, I was not used to this, because it usually does not get dark until around Salinas. Between SBA and SLO, my mom went to the Parlour Car for the wine tasting. I stayed in the room relaxing.

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