Day 8 - Prague

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  We got up and packed all the gear and headed off to the train station.  We had enjoyed Vienna but tales of Prague's beauty were drawing us North.  We caught a quick MacDonald's breakfast before catching the four hour train to Prague.  The train rides mostly consisted of Joe doing word puzzles, me reading, and Seb listening to his ipod and sleeping.  Joe and I have come to the conclusion that Seb has "hobo genes" the kid can sleep anywhere.  On this train ride however, we shared our car with an Australian girl who was also on a trek across the continent.  She had taken a much different path than we had but ultimately we were all headed to the same place. She was very interesting and we learned as much about Australian culture as she did about American culture.  It was an enjoyable train ride.

  When we arrived in Prague, we said goodbye to our new friend and made our way out into the city.  For the third , and worst, time we were lost.  What we thought was the right direction to town ended up being the opposite way.  We walked for an hour and a half before arriving in the center of Prague.  The second problem was that we had no idea where our hostel was.  We ran into a group of guys our age from the Chicago area and they were no help, just as lost as us.  When we finally decided to give up our manly-duty and ask directions i walked into a tourist office and asked.  The hostel was only three blocks away and we made it in short time. 

  Again the service at the front was excellent and price was extremely cheap, we were suspicious.  But the room turned out to be even nicer than the better one in Vienna and on a whim we decided to stay another night.  So we booked the room and turned in for the night, exhausted from the days travels.  Cheers.

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photo by: vulindlela