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Classic Mercedes-Benz

    The day started out just as enjoyable as the past three days had. We had a great breakfast and a quick lunch before Frank, Patsy, Kilian, and the three of us traveled into town. Today however, instead of the Porsche museum we were headed to the Mercedes-Benz museum. This museum was easily three times the size of the Porsche, but as it turns out Mercedes-Benz makes more than just cars. There were airplanes and dump trucks and buses. Just about every kind of vehicle imaginable. The museum also focused a lot on the history of Germany and the rest of the world. It showed the progress of time along with the progress of technology.

    We all found it interesting that when we got to the history of the forties there was both an acknowledgement and an apology for Mercedes-Benz part in the war.

"So I'm driving the bus!!" -Cosmo Kramer (This is Seb)
In fact, through Germany it turned out there was a lot of that. We learned from Kilian that in school, WWII is brought up almost regularly. Just an interesting fact we found

    The museum took a couple of hours and after that we were on the way back to the house. Once there we got ready to head to Tradel's. She prepared a large dinner for us and we were all excited for a home cooked grandma meal. We all know about grandma meals, something about them just tastes better. Well the meal did not disappoint. It was fantastic. Baked chicken breast with gravy and potato salad. We were more than grateful for the trouble she went through. After dinner we all crowded into the sitting room and the family told Seb more about his grandfather and we all went through old photo albums. It was a good night.

    When we got home we made the decision to head to Vienna, Austria. But first, we had to stop in Munich for the legendary Oktoberfest. Frank found us a great train schedule and mapped out where we needed to go. Just before bed, Frank and Patsy's oldest daughter (19) Teresa came home. She was on a school trip to Vienna and she helped us to map out fun things to do there. With that all figured out we went to sleep and got ready for the big travel day ahead.

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Classic Mercedes-Benz
Classic Mercedes-Benz
So Im driving the bus!!  -Cosmo…
"So I'm driving the bus!!" -Cosm…
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