Day 3 - Steinhausen, Biberach & Esslingen

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   We woke up for another great breakfast and tea before we headed out for another day trip with Adi.  This was going to be our last day with Adi and his family so before departing we said goodbye to Siggy and Cindy and took a few pictures.  From there we headed south to the tiny town of Steinhausen.  This town has the best Baroque-style church in Europe.  For being so out of the way, we were all flooded by the size and beauty of the church.  We didn't stay long before heading to Biberach to look at train times.

    Biberach was both the main train hub we would be leaving from, as well as the birthplace of Sebastian's grandpa.  We went through all the train times and realized we had a few hours, so Adi took us on an in depth tour of the city and all the places from Seb's grandfather's childhood.  This was a great experiences to learn about how the city was during the war and it was a lot of fun for us.  Before heading back to the station we stopped for dessert at a cafe. 

   After dessert we said our goodbyes to Adi and thanked him for everything he did for us.  He was a great guide and a wonderful man.  We were all more than grateful for his help.  We rode the train for almost two hours.  On board, a group of school kids surrounded us and wanted to know all about America and our travels.  It felt good to be the cool Americans.  We arrived in Esslingen and were greeted by Sebastian's great aunt Traudel.  She is a lady so vibrant and full of life.  Her English wasn't perfect but her energy made up for it.  She was a delight.  Twenty minutes later we arrived at Frank and Patsy's.  Pasty is Traudel's daughter and Sebastian's father's cousin.  A little confusing I know but the point is that they are family.  And they are amazing.  They welcomed us into their home and treated us with genuine hospitality.  We had a wonderful supper and went to bed

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