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    To say that the the first morning was nothing but shocking is an understatement. The breakfast for me was something I will never forget. A large tray of meats and cheeses lie in the center of the table surrounded by jams and an assortment of breads. The most notable bread and one we will probably grow accustomed to in Germany is the pretzel. Pretzels and other breads are served with pretty much every meal and it would be a lie for me to say I don't enjoy it. The most enjoyable part for me however, was the tea. I first assumed it was just a normal hot tea but the flavor was immense and the tea itself was very refreshing. Joe, who is not a tea drinker, caught himself pouring cup after cup later on. Everything tasted so delicious and Adi and his wife, Siggy, were again nothing but generous and delightful.

    After breakfast, we met with Adi's daughter Cindy who lives next door to Adi with her husband Stefan and three daughters. She told us that Stefan would be taking us into the small town of Bad Waldsee that night after we returned from our day trip with Adi. When we had all made ready for the day we climbed into Adi's car and headed south towards the Bodensee, a lake that borders Germany and Switzerland.

    Our first stop of the day was in the small village of Wolfegg. A local Duke (who is the head of Adi's golf club) still resides in the main castle of his ancestors in the town. We were allowed to tour the grounds and got a very good look at the medieval style of german architecture. From Wolfegg, we continued to head south until after only twenty minutes we arrived in Lindau, Germany. This city lies on the shores of the Bodensee. The weather was extremely foggy, however from the harbor we were able to see the shores of Switzerland, Austria, and Bulvaria (a German state). Heading back to the car we stopped of for an iced coffee, which consists of vanilla ice cream dropped into coffee. An excellent treat if I do say so.

    From Lindau we followed the Bodensee southeast until we crossed the boarder of Austria. Only twenty or thirty kilometers of Austria touch the Bodensee so we were really only passing through Austria on our way to Switzerland. After a half hour or so we had left the Bodensee and Austria, and headed south until reaching the Swiss city of St. Gallen and it's suburb Zentrum. This was the last top on our trip and Adi was thrilled to show us around the beautiful Swiss city. While meandering through the narrow cobblestone streets we had the pleasure of running into a member of the Swiss Parliament and walked with him and his family a bit until coming across our first truly breathtaking church. Everything about it was lavish and ornate. Marble sculptures and Boroque art made the three of us feel very tiny in the house of God.

    Soon, we said goodbye to the Switzerland and made our way back to Germany. We arrived in time to have a light supper and head out on the town.  Unfortunately, I was not feeling the best after a long car trip on winding country roads and there were many things I needed to get finished for the trip back at Adi's. So while I stayed in, Joe and Sebastian both went out with Stefan, and from what they can remember had a great time. It turns out the large half litter beers of Germany were quite satisfactory for my friends and the next morning they would pay a slight price for that satisfaction.

   Overall the day was as beautiful as it was informative. I found myself wanting to buy a cottage in the German or Swiss country and I had no doubt I would have be totally at home. Cheers.

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