Day 1 - Bad Waldsee, Germany

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    Landing in Munich is what I imagine landing in the Twilight Zone feels like.  Everything looks normal, smells normal, feels normal but you still get the sense that everything has changed.  The world seems a little bit strange.  However, this is not a bad feeling.  It comes as more of an exhilirating rush.  To be somewhere so far from the world we are used to is a feeling I will never forget.

   We met up with Joe at the baggage claim about an hour after we landed.  This was a huge relief.  With no form of communication between the three of us there was quite a margin of error for getting separated.  But, thing came together well and in no time we were the classic Americans in a train station...lost.  After wandering for a half hour and Sebastian's wonderful broken german, we were on a train headed for Bad Walsee and one of the nicest men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

    The three of us exited the train at Bad Waldsee and were immediately greeted by Sebastian's great uncle Adi.  Adi was nothing but generous and informative the entire time we were with him and I knew the transition from the US to Germany was going to be flawless.  That night, Adi treated us to a wonder German meal and a warm place to sleep.  Joe and myself had a room in the house and a cozy bunkbed, Seb slept in the garage in a travel van due to his large stature.  The long travel day had taken it out of all three of us and we were ready to rest up for the long trip ahead.  Cheers.

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    Hello, my name is Chris (middle), and over the next three months I will be doing my best to document and record all the amazing experiences on my trip through Europe.  Along with me are my to best buds, Sebastian (right) and Joe (left).  I'm sure there will be many interesting things to read and I hope to keep the blog as thrilling as the experiences we go through.  Thank you and I hope you enjoy.  Cheers. 
Bad Waldsee
photo by: 3_Guys_From_Boise