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5am, getting up and getting ready for departure. I hit my head so hard when getting out of the bed, as I refused to turn the light on as I didn't want to wake anyone. Aw! I would have cursed the bloody damn post if there wasn't anyone around, but of course I had to stay quiet. There wasn't any breakfast served yet so I just packed my stuff and went out. The air was still a bit chilly and the smaller streets still deserted. Only on the bigger roads, cars were driving up and down already. It was a weird feeling to pull that door closed behind me, as I had such a great time in the hostel and in Barcelona as a whole, and now it was over. The clang of that door marked pretty much the end of it. Bit of an emotional moment, walking to the metro at Universitat and having a glance at the clock. 5:50am, leaving on a jetplane. I didn't have to wait to long for a metro to arrive, although they weren't riding as frequent as they do at daytime. And I was nicely on time to catch my train to the airport. I found the train much cheaper and more convenient then the bus I took on my way in. From the station we got transfered to the right terminal by bus, where I arrived so perfectly in time for the check-in to open. Not a minute early, not a minute late, how odd. Last Spanish spoken to the man at the counter, another thing marking the end of the journey. What irony. Seven days ago I wasn't at all looking forward to come here and now I was gazing through the window with so much lovely memories in my mind, hardly wanting to go back home.

Everything went smooth, from the flight to the train back to Leuven. No delays. In town my mother was waiting to go and have lunch. Of course she wanted a scoop on the stories and the pictures :) It was nice to be back home though, I felt so happy and so reloaded, full of energy. A little bit of southern sun right before autumn, it happened to be all I needed. Thank you, Barcelona!
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photo by: Vlindeke