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With the crazies on our way to Cartago
Woke up in the morning extremely sad about leaving MA.  I think it was a mix of loving the area & hostel and had met some awesome people.  I actually cried when I went to leave which was weird, and the first time I'd cried on the trip.  Canadians picked me up at VS (for a minute I thought (and hoped) they were going to bail... but they showed up.)  The drive was pretty sweet.  We stopped in Dominical for a minute to see the beach.  The plan was they were going to drop me off in Cartago and I was going to get on a bus to La Flor to the farm.  Didn't end up getting into Cartago until late and I knew there was no way I'd find the bus.  Their friend who was supposed to be arriving in San Jose had delay in flight and wasn't coming until the morning.
  The guys helped find me a hotel which was NOT easy... there are apparently NO hostels in Cartago.. while stopped at a gas station i asked a local guy for help and the only hostel I heard of he recommended me not to go to as it was very dangerous and "where people go for sex." Soo glad I found out this info before going there.  Found a nicer hotel that was about $65 a night (which is a very good deal but more than I was hoping for on a backpackers budget!)  So I tried to talk to the guys into getting the hotel with me to split the cost.  Luckilly I was able to talk them into it.  We all ended up going to bed super early -- like 9 !! I ended up waking up the next morning around 6.. (WAY earlier than I ever even think about waking up.
I was happy to see Christmas lights in Cartago :)
.) little did I know this day would be the worst of my trip... went down to the lobby to use the free computer and checked my fbook/myspace to find a message from a friend of my cousins that said "sorry to hear about your grandma.." I immediately started crying as my grandma had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a few months prior and I knew when I left I might not see her again.. I ran upstairs crying asking the guys if they had a calling card I could use, went to the front desk and the nice girl working let me use the phone.. I was a mess and crying and the phone card didn't work.. she was so nice she even let me make a free international call to my parents .. sooo yes beginning of a sad day.  Outside of the hotel there was a show with kids doing a little christmas show that raised my spirits. 
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With the crazies on our way to Car…
With the crazies on our way to Ca…
I was happy to see Christmas light…
I was happy to see Christmas ligh…
Up in the mountains
Up in the mountains
Los Simpson at BK!
Los Simpson at BK!
cute kids doing some sort of show …
cute kids doing some sort of show…
Cartago Hostels review
only hotel in Cartago
After searching all over Cartago for a hostel, I learned there were none anywhere. Finally found this hotel which was awesome. It was about $65/nigh… read entire review
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