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Brian and Valeria thanks Maria for the backpacks she sent.
Most of you that are reading this atleast know what a blog is and the importance of blogging. Well when it comes to traveling you have to expect not always having access to your computer. This leaves us no other option but to turn to our journals. I have seen too many times journals make it out on day one of the trip and then just dont seem to resurface. I have a great idea that works well with many travelers and that is to prepare your journal before you arrive. By preparing your journal I mean put the dates on the pages and each page put about 3 or 4 questions that you are asking yourself such as: What was the best and worst of the day? Was I homesick today and what did I miss? What new food did I try today? What did I learn different about this culture as compared to mine? You can go on and on with questions but I promise you if you did this before you leave for your trip you will find yourself going to your journal a lot easier at night. I know I can always use all the help I can get when it comes to doing homework so I thought I would share idea with you guys! Enjoy and journal, journal, and keep journaling!!! The kids in the video are from a "Soda" in Costa Rica. A Soda is a small place to eat usually run by the family out of their home. If you get the chance to visit Costa Rica make sure to help out the local economy and eat some very affordable meals in Sodas. We pass by this soda pretty regularly and one of our clients gave backpacks to Brian and Valeria and the video is of them writing thank you notes which we hope inspires you to JOURNAL!!!
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Hola Everyone,

Welcome to my blog!!!! After reading so much about Costa Rica I thought I would try and share my 2 cents. It seems as if everyone now is an expert on Costa Rica and I wont try and play that roll. There is plenty I do not know yet about Costa Rica or might never know. I've lived in Costa Rica for 9yrs and have worked as a river guide and tour-guide through some of the most remote places you can find and doing family vacations all around the country. My idea of this blog is to share some of the areas of this beautiful country that are just a bit off the tourist path. The other idea of this blog is to try and inform a bit on traveling as a family. After having dealt with every type of family you can possibly imagine I hope to share with you the different ideas of traveling with a family and making it the most positive and memorable experience possible. Enjoy the blog and the pictures, videos, and information that comes with it!

Brian and Valeria thanks Maria fo…
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