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- Breakfast in the morning at Lub d - Plantin (large banana), 2 x toast, croissant, jam, tea, orange juice and a boiled egg.

- Took a Tuk-Tuk in the morning (basically a cross between a motorbike and a golf buggy) which we agreed on a price of 20 baht for on hour of driving. he then said he would take us for free if we went into some shops and walked about for 1minute. we reckon he was getting petrol coupons or something like that. he took us to a 45m standing buhdda, a golden temple which was called the golden mount and a tourist informatrion place where we had no idea why we were there.

- At night we went down the Pat Pong streets and was being asked to come into strip clubs, pbs, restaurants and ping pong shows. Louis and i had some idea of what it included but we wanted to find out. we were convinced to go in on the basis that the only charge was 100 baht per beer we bought (sounds like a good deal to me).


- we went in and there were girls and ladies naked on a platform doing things with their "parts" that wasnt natural. we saw egg smashing, chain pulling and shooting darts to pop ballons. very very weird.

- after 15 mins i think we had had enough and a women told us to come and pay so it was good timing, however she wrote down we needed to pay her 3500 baht. this was not a good situation to be in. we had only had 2 beers so we expected to pay 200 baht and leave. she had written 1500 baht looking fee, 1500 baht girls fee and 500 baht drinks. rediculous.

- we argued for 5 minutes and refused to pay her then we gave her 200 baht and started walking. she told us to fuck-off, fuck-you and so forth, any english swear words she knew, which was quite funny as she only knew fuck. (thats what you get for working in a whore house (or equivalent of)).

-walked down the stairs while some men were called up, thought we were gonna get mugged but we didnt so its all good and a funny story. 

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Still missing my family a lot but im going to give it another week before i decide what to do. Woke up today at 12.30 pm which was rather nice and then walked towards the well-known sky train, took it down 2 stops then got off. got a boat up river for roughly 15 minutes and paid only 14 baht for the both of us. walked through the town and got a tuk-tuk to a giant golden budda. we saw a cat kill a sparrow and then another cat go and steal it which was rather amusing. the tuk-tuk then took us to a travel information which we didnt really want to go to because he gets a coupon for petrol, he then took us to a suit, jewellery and souvenir shops to get more coupons. after that he took us to a golden temple and we walked to the top and had a great view of the town. got the boat back to the sky train and the sky train back to the hostel.

we then had a shower and went out to get some food, had fried chicken and rice with a bottle of water and then walked through a market, (interesting!!!!). we then manned up and unknowingly made a mistake and went to a ping pong show, long story short it isnt very nice but very funny and they tried to charge us 3500 baht to leave but we refused as the guy outside said it would cost us 100 baht for 1 drink. louis and myself had 2 drinks and therefore only paid them 200 baht, they wernt happy and chucked us out. thanks very much. very interesting.