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- got up and had bloody slightly toasted bread again with jam and pineapple.

- we then got on a bamboo raft which was very unstable and was told we were going to be on this for 3hrs 30mins altoghter. there were 6 of us on it (me stewart max chrissie kim and a local driver (sort of he didnt really know what he was doing)). it was very calm until we got to the rapids and then when we went through thtem my whole leg went under the water and i thought we were going to slide in and our bags would have been in the river with us, that wasnt pleasing me.  luckily for the 5 of us nothing bad happened but we did nearly fall in 5-6 times and everybody was looking at evryone complaining. funny now but not at the time.

- off the raft finally and then had pad thai which is basically a stir fry which was okay. Sit then offered frog curry to anybody which i took and was very chicken and chewy like. i also had minced beef and rice which was spicy and okay to eat (i think).

- then afterwards village women with weird looking teeth and headbands came and tried to sell us jewellery and bags and pipes etc which alison did - keeping the economy rolling over by herself - good effort. i also bought 2 photo's of what i had done - elephants and rafting.

- we then got in an 8 man pick-up (starting to get bored of these things) and was on a bumpy road from the village for about an hour then a motorway back to our hotel for another 2 hours.

- when we walked into the hotel we all looked at each other and said well this reminds me of the ritz. a 2* hotel had turned into a 5* hotel in 3 days. we went up and had a nice poo on a sit-opn toilet and a hot shower.

- we then went out with the group for our last night together to the riverside restaurant and i had spag bol as a treat to myself, which was very tasty and then we went down to the night market where we met Sit and Nicky and sat down and had a beer with them.


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