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- Got up and had breakfast, very lightly toasted bread with jam and sliced pineapple. we then packed and started trekking. i had a talk to Susan - Emma - Gemma - Alison and Stewart about nostalgia and general travel (i think thats how you spell it) and then felt a bit better.

- we walked for 3hrs 30mins which was roughly 10km. during this we walked up a huge hill for about 30 minutes and when everybody got to the top it was a massive relief - even for our guides.

- after the walk we finally arrived at an elephant camp and had maccaroni pasta for lunch (in the middle of jungle is somewhere which i didnt expect to have maccaroni). it was very good and tasty surprisingly. we then had an elephant ride which left bruises on my back the next day as we were leaning on a metal pole for comfort. the elephant kept leaning over massive holes in the groud to get bamboo trees to eat, this was not part of the plan as if the elephant made one wrong move then we would have died - no joke. we got to the 2nd village and were told that all the men were needed to play a football game at 5.30 with the locals. it wasnt a very good pitch so my skills were less visable but i still played a key role in the team being victorious.

- got back and then went and had a swim in the river with Sit and stewart. the current was very strong and we had to swim across the river then walk back up the otherside as to not miss where we needed to get off to go back to the village. i then had a shower which was just a large bucket of water and a scoop which basically you used to throw the water over yourself. it was freezing.

- both villages had squating toilets which were funny to begin with as they smelt of shit but then got very annoying as they are very difficult to use. my quads hurt so much because of the bending down for about 10 minutes. makes me appreciate the facilities at home a bit more.

- we had dinner which was potato and chicken which was the best meal throughout the 3 days away from civilisation and to top it all off we could have a singha beer each.

- Sit and his friend nicky (tour guide from another group that left his group to come and party with us) joined in a game our local guide came up with called Ping Pong Paeng, i'll teach you it when i come home, its very funny.

- They then got very merry and started to sing the elephant song. you might be able to look it up on internet but im not sure ... it starts with Chang Chang Chang (which means elepahnt in Thai).

- when then finally went to bed on another uncomfortable mat and i had another rubbish night sleep. about 6hrs.

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