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- We had breakfast at the hotel, they had very runny eggs and the breakfast was shit to be honest.

- we got another 8 person taxi to a market and our trip to the jungle had began. they took us to a market where we were told to buy some things for the children in the villages we were going to stay. i got them colouring pencils and some notebooks. after that we sat down and waited for the others to come back to the taxi. Sit cam back with a couple of bags of food (it looked like food anyway) and told us to try some. it was sticky rice with banana inside and then he gave us a fried cricket, which didnt really have much taste.

- we then took the taxi to a massve waterfall which was sooo nice. the water was very fresh and it hurt when it hit you because it was coming from so far up. the taxi took us to a restaurant in the mountain where we had food (obviously, thats what you do in restaurants) and for pudding we had a new piece of fruit called dragon-fruit, it was purple, very strange but tasted okay. also i must say when i say resturant i mean wooden chairs sometimes plastica and either rice or noddle dishes and then fruit for pudding (most of the time).

- the taxi then took us up the mountain for another 45minutes along a very windey road, it was making me feel a bit sick. we then reached the top and and started our trek into the jungle.

- we walked through the jungle for about 30 minutes and then waited for everybody to catch up, while waiting Nirat made us a hat out of a large leaf. the jungle was very slippy and i think 4 people feel over within the first hour. The walk was a total 1hr 30minutes and then we reached our first destination ... the first tribe.

- the village/tribe was sooo poor and had animals living under houses and cows, pigs and chickens tied to the ground so that they couldnt escape, it was clearly their food for months to come. we then had food which we made, spring rolls and they cooked rice and then we played some games involving sticks which i will teach you when i get home.

- we then walked round the village and gave out half of the things we had each bought as we had another village to give to later the next day. we then went to sleep on what can only be descrived as a floor mat, very uncomfortable and i only got 5 hours sleep.

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