6th Day

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- We were out in the countryside in Chiang Mai, sort of. it was still a city but not as busy as Bangkok.

- we went from the train (where the women at 6.00am was shouting tea ... coffee and then looking at me and louis "BEER!", im not kidding, she didnt get that we didnt want one) to the Prince hotel, another shabby looking place from the outside but okay inside. it had a TV with champions league highlights and i was very happy for an hour!

- we left the hotel as a group for the first time and got in an 8 man taxi (sort of  pick-up) that took us to a temple in the clouds, we had to walk up over 300 stairs to reach the top. we were bleased by a monk and given a white bracelt that was supposed to resemble good luck.

- the taxi then took us down the mountain, 15 minutes quicker than he came up, to the tiger temple for obviously looking at tigers, i didn't go in but i had a very nice pizza which was the first weatern food i had eaten in 6 days, my stomach thanked me!

- we went back to the htoel and met our trekking tour guides, their names were Sammy (40) and Nirat (25) but he looked about 17, nice guys. we then had a measl in Sit's restaurant ( he didnt own it but he said he goes there alot) then we went to the night market then went home. 

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