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- At the hotel we had a breakfast buffet which was very average and nothing there was quite up to standard, but it was okay i guess. me and louis walked to the memorial bridge and over it to the otherside. we met a small roup a local kids who's only enlgish steamed to "we need 10 baht" "we need 20 baht". funny. they were being serious though.

- the boys were jumping into a dirty river and swimming and one of them was collecting turtles, he had already got 2. after that we went to get a drink as we reckon the temperature had reached 40oC, we saw what look ed like a family house/shop so we bought 2 bottles of water from there for 17 bhat which is equivalent to about 30p (dirt cheap country).

- we walked back to the bridge nd talked to some friendly policemen, some how we got onto the topic of women and i told him i like nice tall blondes with big tits and he said he liked brazilian women with big ass's. rather funny conversation.

- we then got a boat down the river to go to a temple called Wat Arun. louis said we needed to stay on the boat as it was going to go to it the next stop, i was adament we needed to get off as i had the map but we stayed on, low and behold we needed to get off the stop we had just gone past. we got off the boat crossed the river and got the boat back up to Wat Arun.

- this place was very very old and the stairs to walk up it were so steep everybody including me nd louis had to hold on to the modern barrier put in to place to stop people from clearly falling to their death.

- we then went back to the hotel via boat and taxi and met our group again who had been out to visit places we had already been to. we got a taxi to the train station and had beef noddles for dinner before departing on the train for a 12 hour journey. this train was air-conditioned so it was okay, not a bad trip. however, on the train there was this annoying women who kept shouting out tea ... coffee and then looking at me and louis "BEER!", this was at 11.30 this evening and we need to get to sleep. 

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