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- i stayed at jess's house most of the day while she went for her 2 hour interview / induction to Esprit. so i basically did my e-mails, found out what louis was doing and what time he would be getting to darwin. e-mailed my mother and father and mr.wells.

- when jess came back we just sat and chilled and talked and then her dad came back early to give me a lift to the airport which was really nice of him as it was about 1hr 30mins drive away from his house. we left at 5:15 and we had a straight ride there, no traffic whatsoever so i arrived with plenty of time. i got a maccers and went and sat down and ate it and checked out the airport talent - it was on top form!

- i then relised that i hadnt read my ticket properly and i had an extra hour to add on to the hour and 20mins that i thought i had left to wait so i took another walk and saw a sign saying lounge. went in and said i suppose this is just for 1st class and business class, the guy told me that it may be included within your ticket (didnt think so because i asked for the cheapest ticket going) and then he said you can pay $28 to come in, so i did, basically because i had 2hrs 20mins to wait.

- in the lounge there was free food, free drink (alcohol included), free pool table, free tv and free internet and phones. all for about 14 quid - whats the deal with that! so i made good use of the free drink and facebooked everybody in a slightly happy state. relised i needed to hurry to get my plane because mum had been talking to me and made me not concentrate on getting to the gate on time.

- i walked hastily down the hall to the gate and the last of the people were just boarding, good timing. got my flight back to sydney. melbourne was good.
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photo by: jendara