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- Jess drove to Berwick with myself and her dad. he got the train to a place, forgot what its called and was going to pick up his 4x4 that he was having done up as he and his wife were moving to darwin (northern territory) and its basically a necessity to have a 4x4 if your traveling long distances from there to anywhere. me and jess got the train the full distance to melbourne central which took 1hr 5mins and then we went to the melbourne shopping centre. jess tried to get a form from an Espree as she had to fill it out for her interview tomorrow, but the people including the manager wouldnt give her one becuase they were saying that she would get it tomorrow even though they were just underneath the desk, idiots.

- after that waste of time we went and got some sushi, not sure if i am a fan yet or not, and had rice with tuna, salmon and prawn, like i said not sure if a liked it or not, didnt really taste of much - not like good old fashion meat!

- this is it, the part of the day i had been looking forward to the most, we were walking towards the MCG! to those of you who have no idea what this is you can either research it yourself or not read this next chapter. nah im only kidding, it stands for the Melbourne Cricket Ground. we walked round the outside of it and, oh quickly - this is the largest stadium in Australia it holds just over litterally just over 100,000 people. anyway we were walking round it and it took maybe 5 minutes to find the entrance to the ground and when we found it we booked ourselves in for a museum tour.

- the museum tour surprisingly for me was very good, i usually get bored within the first 5 minutes of walking through history that has basically f**k all to do with me or my era, but this was SPORT, come on, if the people reading this dont know that i love sport then you shouldnt be reading this and i'll get you done for stalking.

- we started the museum tour and it was all about the olympics then it moved on to such things as AFL (australian football league), which isnt actually football its a completely different sport but they named it after the best sport, but its still ridiculous to name a sport that only involves kicking sometimes after football! flipping australians! moving on, the tour then went through rugby union, rugby league, (see people can come up with different names for sports, not the ozzies though, they like to steal names - convicts) then it did go on to football and cricket obviously and bits more on boxing, tennis, rowing and athletics.

- then there was the activities part of the tour. you could actually take penalties, throw cricket balls into the stumps, kick and afl ball and loads more things - http://www.nsm.org.au/Exhibitions/Game%20On.aspx - take a look on the website.

- the museum was very good and then i realized that there was actually a game on between victoria and western australia so i asked the guy how much the entrance was and then jess was like - nah, not watching cricket. the entrance was $2 and in the end the guy let me go in there for free and just take a look at the ground to see how big it was inside - it did look good and big, the ozzies have done something well then.

- we then got the train back to her house and watched flubber while her dad made dinner which was a nice meatball spaghetti thing with tomato sauce.
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photo by: jendara