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- Went to a small town called Olinda just outside emerald where jess lives. walked round there and went to a sweet shop, ozzies call it a lolly shop but then they also call lollies - lollies so i dont know why they dont call a lolly shop a sweet shop - it would be a lot easier! she then drove to a place called william ricketts sanctuary and we walked round there for 25 minutes looking at the sculptures this guy had made out of clay and then made look like it was wood. we then went back to Olinda and had a pie from Pie in the sky, steak and mushroom, very hot with tomato sauce.

- jess then drove to a place called mount dandenong which is high up in the sky and was a perfect view of the whole of the city and its surroundings, only because it was a clear day! we then walked around the bottom of this place for about 30-40 minutes and then went back to her house so whe could collect a few things. her dad then dropped us at the train station (berwick) and we got the train to the city. we popped into the carlton club which was a pub and there were stuffed giraffe's and ostriches in there then we met some of her friends that were out at public bar the night before and then we were going to eat in at this indian restaurant called "red pepper" but it was too packed so we just got a takeaway.

- we then went to a bottle shop and got some beers and then went to a park and sat down and ate indian and drank beer with loads of possums running round us - weird! we went to a place called Loop and had a few drinks, jess got hammered and then she made us run for the train because we were going to miss it. we got to the train statsion and we were early by 20 minutes! not happy! so we got the train back and it took about and hour because it stopped at all station and then her dad came and pick us up from the station and took us back to the house. it was about 1:30am when we got back. two very late nights!
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photo by: jendara