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- got up and got in the taxi we had booked at 8:00am to take us to the airport. it cost 600baht between us and i didnt want to pay that on my own the next day as i was getting a flight on the 21st to Singapore. stewart and lara checked in and then we sat down and chatted. it was time for me to leave, i was sad as we were the final people of the tour group and we were all going to different places, lara was going to cambodia and stewart was going home. i then left the airport with a goodbye hug and a tissue in my hand and presented myself to the world - come get me.

- after a lot of hassle i got a taxi to a nearby beach and the taxi driver took me to a hotel where the cheapest room was 2500 baht a night then another place which was 1050 baht a night then another for 600 and another for 800. he was about to drive off and leave me stranded so i told him to take me to the 600 baht room and he did then he left, i arranged to meet him the next morning for a ride to the airport where i was going to pay him 250 baht well over the price but i needed to make sure he would come.

- it was a very nice room - double bed - hot shower - tv and bogroll which is a rarity. i got settled and "G'ed" myself up for a lonely day. i asked the lady at reception how to get to the beach and she said walk through this 40 acre complex and you will get there. when i walked in i saw it was a 5* hotel and i hadn't got a clue where to go. i asked this western looking man and he said he was a security guard working for G4S and he said he didnt know but he also said he worked for morrisons in essex before he left for Phuket.

- he said he didnt know but would ask these 2 guys that had just left the hotel reception. they were in their 50's and they said they needed to drop their rental car off at the beach so they would give me a lift down. when they dropped the car off they asked if i wanted to join them on the beach - i obviously accepted. i got to meet both of their wives and then the two ladies asked if i wanted to play triangular dominoes - its very addictive.

- basically i stayed with them all day, they looked after me, bought me lunch and dinner and they also let me come into their hotel and have a dip in their swimming pools and they got me water and towels for free and they were just generally very friendly. i then went back to my hostel, bit of a let down after being in a 5* room but it wasnt bad. i then fell asleep quickly after being active all day.
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